Sheriff’s Office works quickly to find missing teen and adult suspect

A 26-year-old Miami, Florida man was arrested in Georgia after fleeing a Marathon resort with a 16-year-old girl.

Albert Tsygurov was charged with interference with a minor and is expected to be returned to Monroe County, Florida where he will be prosecuted.

A family member of the juvenile notified the Sheriff’s Office at approximately 9:22 p.m. Saturday. The family member stated Tsygurov did not have consent to leave with the juvenile. Tsygurov told the family member during a phone call they would not be able to find him or the juvenile as he changed the license plate on his vehicle, was using cash instead of credit cards, and was working on getting fake identification.

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Major Crime Detectives quickly learned the juvenile and the suspect were most likely in or near Adel, Georgia. Monroe County Sheriff’s Office 911 Communications Specialists worked closely with 911 Specialists in Georgia and soon police there located the juvenile and the suspect at a motel.

Tsygurov initially refused to comply but was quickly taken into custody. He faces an obstruction of justice charge in Georgia. The juvenile was placed in protective custody. There were no serious injuries reported.

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