Sentencing in Key West Houseboat Burglary and Identity Theft Case

Silvio Hernandez-Cuevas has been sentenced following his conviction by a jury trial on multiple serious charges related to a houseboat burglary and identity theft at Garrison Bight Marina. The case, originating from an incident on April 5, 2023, involved the unlawful entry into a privately owned houseboat, significant property damage, and fraudulent use of credit cards belonging to the elderly boat owners. Hernandez-Cuevas was apprehended after ransacking the houseboat and using the stolen credit cards for high-ticket purchases at local businesses. On June 6, 2024, Judge Mark Wilson sentenced Cuevas to 10 years in prison, five years of probation, court costs, fines, and $2,000 in restitution.

Assistant State Attorney Charlie Britt, the lead prosecutor, stated, “The devastation experienced by the victims is a stark reminder of the serious impact of property and identity theft. This sentence not only holds Hernandez-Cuevas accountable but also serves as a warning to others who might consider such actions. The teamwork between our office, the Key West Police Department, and local businesses was crucial in this case.”

State Attorney Dennis Ward commented, “Hernandez-Cuevas‘s actions shattered the sense of security for a couple who believed their houseboat was a safe haven. Our office remains steadfast in its commitment to protecting our community, especially our senior citizens, from such predatory crimes. The comprehensive investigation and prosecution efforts have ensured that justice is served. This case highlights the importance of a coordinated response to complex crimes. The collaboration with law enforcement and the diligent work of Key West Police Detective Kenneth Waite played a pivotal role in achieving this outcome. The victims’ courage in sharing their story underscores the profound impact of these crimes and the need for stringent penalties.”

In a powerful victim impact statement, the owners of the burglarized houseboat shared their ordeal: “My husband and I made it to ages 72 and 76 without a home invasion of any kind. Our sense of security was based on our belief that our houseboat was a safe and secure family legacy. That changed when Hernandez-Cuevas decided he wanted our houseboat. His actions have left us feeling unsafe and violated. We hold him responsible for everything that transpired.”

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