SEE JANE RUN onstage at TSKW 


Writing and Photography by Ennid Berger (aka EB)

It’s February 2023 and our three “Janes” have been running through their lives, until they stepped onto the stage of the Studios of Key West to ask, “Now what???”  These women embrace their journeys and tell us their stories in the charming musical cabaret production of See Jane Run.  The opening night audience laughed and sighed in recognition of the heartfelt words spoken and sung by the three lead actors. 

This new, very relevant, musical production had its inception and workshop development right here in Key West; the current production of See Jane Run is the first to be presented onstage.  The three actors play over twenty characters that sing and deliver monologues. The individual songs are surprisingly relevant considerations of careers, families and relationships that may not be following the expected trajectory of life’s journey.  They explain and lament past relationships, depression, loneliness, homelessness, aging, love, marriage, divorce, and breakups, while moving towards acceptance. The three protagonists eventually realize, in the words of one standout song, “A Little Piece of Perfect Is All I Need.”

So many talented people in one local production!  While the outstanding musical director Dana P. Rowe played the score on the piano, the three experienced singer/actors were Woman One, Maribeth Graham, Woman Two, Lauren Thompson and Woman Three, Krysten Cummings. Their performances were much enhanced by the sets, lighting and design of the production.  Keith Dempster’s minimalist geometric set was a standout. He built the moveable cubes and geometric backdrop pieces that were smoothly rearranged to shift our attention from scene to scene.  Similarly, the simple yet effective choreography by Kyla Piscopink enhanced the production.  

Astutely written by Maribeth Graham (one of the wonderful lead actresses) and Dana P Rowe, See Jane Run is full of one liners and moving songs.  Among my favorites, “Is it a red flag to keep Xanax in your tic tac container?” made the audience laugh out loud, while “Dear Rebecca” was a memorable ballad sung by Woman Three – Krysten Cummings.  

 It is notable that the story of “See Jane Run” is literally focused on women and their issues, but it was very competently directed by a man.  Speaking with TSKW, Murphy Davis noted that he began collaborating with Maribeth and Dana during Covid.  They worked on making the play universal, so it speaks to all of us, men and women, as we age and grow up, and struggle through the good times and the bad times.  In the words of the authors, their “wish for you is that you are inspired by the hope and resilience of the women you will meet tonight.”

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