SALT Gallery Blossoms with Color in Jill Caldwell Exhibit: Special Preview on June 4

Jill Caldwell’s exuberant abstract paintings showcasing her tropical palette and energetic brush strokes will be revealed in a special preview of her newest exhibit Displacement on Saturday, June 4 from 6pm-8pm at SALT Gallery located at 830 Fleming Street in Key West.

Caldwell’s unique process combines spontaneity and excavated color to create worlds of space, visual texture, and history.  Her work begins with scribbled language— words, names, or thoughts— that are then painted over, with additional layers removed or added while shapes and lines are intuitively drawn in.

“There’s a fair amount of chance that I let happen in my work,” she says. “Random things that I don’t control— drips, splats, what’s left after I remove some paint, pieces of paper or text that remain on the canvas.”

While her acrylic paintings tend towards nonrepresentational which allow the viewer to bring their own personal interpretation into the mix, her process is clearly inspired by the island she has called home for two decades.  She describes it as “enchanting” and “exotic,” with it’s own “unique energy’— words also quite fitting for her evocative abstractions.

“I love the rich vibrant colors that are everywhere—the trees, the flowers, the ocean—these lush colors feed my soul,” she says.  “And also the old conch houses with their history, scraped and repainted and worn, showing layers of lifetimes on their walls.”

Nearly a dozen new works will be exhibited until June 30th at SALT Gallery, which features a new artist every month.

“Jill Caldwell’s paintings are as multilayered as her personality,” says gallery owner Jeffrey Cardenas. “The paintings are complex, vibrant, and expressive all at once. There is a feeling of privilege to be among both the art and the artist.”

For more information, call 305.896.2980 or visit

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