Revitalization of Duval Begins with Community Input

Now that KCI Technologies, Inc. has been named to revitalize historic Duval Street, the first step is to reach out to business owners and the community to find out what they want to see of this vital corridor.

“The last facelift on Duval was back in the 1970s,” said City Manager Gregory Veliz. “Now we begin the process of community involvement — public meetings, gathering ideas, talking to property owners – to find out exactly what each member of this community would like to see happen. There is no preconceived plan, that’s where the community’s opinion and vision comes in.”

In November of 2019, the City issued a request for qualifications for a firm that could guide the community to consensus then follow that plan to the desired facelift for Duval Street that revitalizes the area while protecting the city’s unique history and flavor.

“Our approach will take into consideration the residents surrounding Duval Street, the cultural arts businesses, the retail and dining opportunities, and the entertainment establishments,” KCI wrote in their response to the RFQ. “One size will not fit all. Our approach will endeavor to create a cohesive experience that highlights each of these three sub-districts.”

“We will create a public outreach plan that is engaging and accessible,” KCI wrote.

The goal of the revitalization is to draw residents to the area and ensure an experience that benefits the entire community.

Community workshops and open house-style charettes are the first step.

According to Veliz, this initial outreach is the most vital component to any undertaking of this magnitude.

“This is an opportunity for all of us to have a hand in what we envision for our city,” he said.

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