Rescue Tails / Coptio Has Surgery

-Contributed by FKSPCA Staff

A few weeks ago, a woman walked through the doors of our Marathon Campus clutching a young Chihuahua in her arms with what appeared to be some type of homemade cast. His thin, long, right front leg was wrapped in clear packing tape with some type of plastic material. She was in distress, and in need of help.

Although there was a language barrier, we communicated as best we could through translation apps. Some type of accident had happened three days prior to the young puppy named “Copito.” She had tried her best to care for his injured leg at home as best she could, with rest and a homemade wrap, but it was nearly impossible for her to keep the four month old dog calm and quiet, and she didn’t have the capacity to take him to a Veterinarian. As a single mother to a young daughter, she was able to acknowledge that she didn’t have the finances, or time, to treat and properly provide for her puppy. Although we always want to see pets remain with their families, we’re grateful to owners who put the health and wellbeing of their pets as a priority. So, with lots of tears and gratitude, she signed Copito over to us so he could get all the care he needed.

We rushed the little puppy to a local Veterinarian where he was sedated for proper X-Rays. Those X-Rays revealed a fractured Ulna and Radius. His little leg was splinted and upon consulting with our staff Veterinarian, Dr. Katie, we decided that it was best to have an Orthopedic Surgeon examine him. With such small bones, and a growing puppy, we committed to giving Copito the best medical care possible.

With no Orthopedic Surgeons in the Florida Keys, Copito was taken to Miami Veterinary Specialists for his consultation. The surgeon re-examined and X-Rayed his leg and decided that due to the alignment of the bones from the fracture, that surgical repair was the best, and only chance for his leg to heal properly. So, on May 25th Copito underwent a successful major surgery.

Copito is a little warrior and did wonderful after his operation. Now, all he needs is time to heal. Over the next month Copito will remain in the care of his loving medical foster where he will rest, remain comfortable on medications and check in with our Veterinarian every week until his cast can be removed, and Copito is ready for adoption.

Our Oscar’s Fund was created specifically to help pets like Copito. While most animals enter our shelter in good health and ready to be adopted, others arrive sick or injured, often requiring extensive veterinary care and/or medication before they can be placed for adoption. So that all animals that come into our shelter get the same chance as Oscar, we established Oscar’s Fund. Donations to this fund go specifically to pay for the medical care of sick or injured animals. You can help Copito by donating to our Oscar’s Fund here Or, if you’re interested in adopting Copito when he’s ready, please contact our Marathon Campus at 305-743-4800.

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