Rescue Tails / Coco

By Cathy Baier

Every happy Rescue Tail has a beginning, a middle, and an end. We typically share the whole story, but this time we need help in finding that happy ending. So we’re coming to our readers with a request; please help us find a home for Coco!

Some animals pass through our doors quickly and easily. It could be because of their breed, looks, size, or personality. But others are not so fortunate. For those animals, we give them time, try to keep them happy while they wait, and work hard to find that right home. Coco is one of those dogs.

A few facts about Coco: She has been with us for a little over a year now. During that time, she was adopted once but returned. She is currently in a wonderful foster home and has been since March when the shelter closed for COVID. She is six-years-old and weighs about 70 pounds. She may be part Lab but definitely there are other breeds in her mix. A few things we know for sure: she is beautiful; she is strong; she is smart; and she has love to give. So, you’re probably wondering why hasn’t she found a home yet?

To answer that question, we need to digress a bit. Dogs and humans have co-evolved and often find each other’s company mutually satisfying and helpful. Yet at times we humans can find dogs to be challenging, especially when they behave in ways that don’t fit our idea of what a “good dog” should be. The dogs most of us want are calm, easy to manage and control, always friendly with us and others, playful, obedient, and loyal. That’s a tall order! Not all dogs fit neatly into this package, at least not without a lot of help from genetics, good socialization and training, and kind, helpful humans. In fact, many incredible, interesting, and wonderful dogs don’t! Coco is one who falls outside the boundaries of that definition, yet she has the potential to be an awesome companion to the right person in the right situation. We just haven’t found that for her yet.

Coco’s foster parents unfortunately are not in a position to keep her permanently, yet they have been invaluable in helping us learn so much about her, including her likes and dislikes, and what she might need to reach her potential and succeed in a home. She is superb at communicating, which makes life with her free of guesswork and gives you all the information needed to build a trusting relationship with her.

Coco could be the dog for you if:

You enjoy a smart and responsive four-legged student who is eager to work for what she loves (that includes treats!).

You believe having a pet should be a partnership, not a dictatorship.

You are a one-animal family.

You are patient and open to learning new things.

Adults only live in your home.

You live in a quiet area or have a good-sized fenced yard for exercise and play.
You love big dogs!

Dogs who don’t come wrapped up in a neat little package marked “Perfect” can be an invitation to a new adventure. They can take us on journeys we didn’t expect, teach us things we never knew, and lead us to a new way of connecting we didn’t know was possible. Coco could be that dog!

For more information on Coco, please contact us at

If your dog-human relationship is facing some challenges and you would like some help, the FKSPCA now offers a free Behavior Helpline at (305) 294-4857. Just give us a call!