Rescue Tails / Brunson and Moose

In the days leading up to September 28th, 2022, when Hurricane Ian made landfall near Fort Myers as a devastating Category 4 Hurricane, our FKSPCA Campuses were keeping an eye on the monster storm. Ian was big, powerful and starting to move further East, inching its way towards Key West and the Lower Keys. In an abundance of caution, we chose to evacuate all the animals from our Marathon Campus into foster homes for their safety.

Evacuating the shelter is no easy task! With 11 rabbits, 3 Guinea pigs, 40 cats and 10 dogs, each and every animal, big or small, needed a temporary family to keep them safe through the storm. Thanks to the incredible outpouring of support, each animal at our Marathon Campus was paired with a compassionate member of our community. Once the threat had passed, we began the process of welcoming our shelter animals back, or, in the case of Brunson, officially adopting them to their new family.

Brunson, a handsome young pup, was paired with a young couple in Marathon who had a similar looking dog named Moose. In most foster or adoption cases, it can take a shelter animal several days to several months to become completely familiar and comfortable with their new life and new routine. Brunson however, took to Moose and his new family as if he had truly known them all along. Brunson was infatuated with his new big brother, and stuck to him like glue. Brunson was always wherever Moose was, be it sleeping, eating, going for car rides, walks or playing. The bond the two shared was instantly formed, and his foster parents knew they could never break that bond.

Brunson officially became Moose’s new baby brother and is living a life full of adventure with his best friend by his side. In just the few short weeks since being adopted, he’s traveled from the Keys to Saint Augustine, and all the way out to Colorado. He’s taken long car rides, watched the leaves change, hiked across mountains, all with his brother Moose at his side.

The Florida Keys SPCA would like to sincerely thank each and every family that fostered a shelter pet during the storm. All 60+ animals at our Marathon Campus were placed in foster homes and kept safe during the event. The evacuation could not have been possible without our incredible animal loving community. We are all grateful for your support. To learn more about our Hurricane Foster program in Marathon, or to join us as a Foster, please contact Thank you!

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