Rescue Tail / Mia’s Adoption

By Tara McFarland
When Mia went missing, it was nearly a month before she was found. Taylor, a friend, volunteer, foster and adopter at our Marathon campus saw the petite Siamese in the bushes gently meowing for help. She swooped her up, rushed her to the vet and called the shelter to report that she was found. Although the little cat did not have a microchip, she matched the description of a missing cat on a lost poster.
We contacted the owner and she had indeed been missing a month! Her time on the streets had been quite rough on her. She had lost weight, she was dirty and frightened. Her owner decided that their home was not the right place for Mia, and that it would be in her best interest to find a new forever home.
At the shelter Mia was shut down. She was hissing, growling and hiding. After all she had been through, Taylor’s big heart hurt for her, she greatly disliked seeing her in so much fear. So, although she already had three cats of her own at home, she decided to foster Mia until she was adopted.
Out of the shelter, and back in a home, Mia’s health and attitude improved day by day. She became such a sweet, loving cat. With her big blue eyes, silver fur and small build, she had a physical beauty that matched her blossoming personality. When it was time for her to find a forever home, we shared her story and of course, she quickly caught the eye of a family looking for a Siamese cat to join their home. The thing was…they lived in the Panhandle.
Through our adoption counseling session, Britt and his wife seemed like the perfect fit for Mia. So, with a little creativity, and help from foster mom, he was able to Facetime and see videos of Mia in a home environment. He and Taylor texted back and forth, sharing photos, and videos, and although they had not yet met her in person, they quickly fell in love with Mia.
With the anticipation built from all the calls and texts, they took the long thirteen-hour-drive down to the Keys to finally meet Mia. In person, she was everything they ever wanted, and more. Although it was an unconventional adoption process, it was the exact home that Mia needed too. June is “Adopt a Shelter Cat Month” and we have many wonderful cats and kittens for adoption at both our Key West and Marathon Campuses. Visit us online at to see them all.
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