Rescue Tai / Diva’s 400 and 1st Day

I have known Diva her entire life. Diva was born into an unwanted litter here in Marathon. Her owner had two unaltered dogs of opposite sex which inevitably, as it always does, resulted in the pregnancy of her female dog. Thus, Diva and her siblings were born June 15th 2021.
Her owner contacted our Marathon Campus for help, originally wanting free supplies for the puppies which she intended to sell or give away. We discussed the costs associated with raising puppies, the laws in regards to necessary vaccinations and licensing and followed up with an offer. If she agreed to sign the puppies over to the FKSPCA for adoption, we would fix mom and dad for free. Gratefully, she agreed.
So, when Diva and her siblings were 8 weeks old they were officially surrendered to the Marathon Campus. The puppies were all spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and placed into loving homes.
Diva’s adopter returned to adopt a second dog to keep Diva company, when Diva was around 5 months old. Over the next year, Diva and her sister Bella lived the life of beloved family dogs. However; that year changed when her landlord decided Diva and Bella were too big, and on April 11th 2023 Diva was surrendered back to our Marathon Campus, once again to be put up for adoption.
The days lingered on, turning into weeks, then months, and by April 11th 2024 it had been a full 365 days since Diva had entered our shelter with little to no potential families interested in her. I never understood why. Diva was a great medium sized dog with a distinct naturally cropped tail. She had all white fur except two big patches of brindle around her eyes. She loved being in the water in her bone-shaped pool in her yard, or playing in the waves at the beach. Diva was dog, and kid friendly, perfectly well mannered and clean as a whistle in her kennel. I’ll never understand why Diva was overlooked time and time again, day after day.
As Diva’s one year shelter-versary approached we heavily pushed and marketed her on our social platforms. That caught the attention of a local Marathon Restaurant, Keys Fisheries, that wanted to promote and sponsor Diva’s adoption fee, hopeful it would be the final “push” that a potential adopter needed to come and meet her. So, on May 16th 2024, having seen Diva all over her social media and after losing her beloved dog just months prior, was finally compelled to make the drive from the Upper Keys to our Marathon Campus to meet this “Diva” dog she had seen so many times.
Tracy submitted her online adoption application, loaded up the car with her husband and their dog Eva and arrived here in Marathon, eager but tentative. They spent time with Diva one on one, and then we introduced Eva. Diva and Eva hit it off, both playing, ignoring each other, sharing attention from humans and even hanging out by the pool together. It was hard to contain our enthusiasm that finally, finally this might be Diva’s forever family! Luckily for Diva, it was, and on her 400 and 1st day in a shelter, Diva was finally adopted. Forever.
 Although I miss seeing her face everyday, I couldn’t be happier for Diva and her new family.
As a no time limit shelter, healthy adoptable animals can stay with us as long as it takes for them to find their forever home. However; a shelter is not a home, and long term housing can cause emotional stress. We are always in need of volunteers to provide enrichment, socialization, one-on-one time, walking and off Campus adventures to keep our dogs mentally and physically enriched. Our volunteer program is streamlined on our website so you can easily take it step by step from the comfort of your own couch, until you’re onboarded and ready to start training! Learn more about our volunteer program by visiting us online at or email [email protected] for more information on our volunteer program.
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