By Roger C. Kostmayer

Richard Boettger may have had one bike accident too many.  What he said in his recent piece, “Leave Ukraine Be”, is tantamount to saying we shouldn’t criticize or obstruct Hitler for invading Poland and killing 6 million Jews, because the West included colonial countries who also did bad things.

Without provocation, Putin and Russia invaded their smaller sovereign nation neighbor, and the worse thing for the world to do would be to fail to support Ukraine and international law by “Leave Ukraine be.”  For the last 10 months, Putin has been deliberately killing civilians and committing crimes against humanity.  Heroic Ukraine is fighting and dying to protect all democracies, and it needs and deserves support.

If the US, NATO, the European Union and their allies fail to defeat Putin, the Pandora’s Box of international horrors will open and be out of control.  Ambitious dictators in Russia, China, North Korea, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa will be free to follow suit.

Nothing could be worse for world peace and democracy than Mr. Boettger’s thoughtless call to “Let Ukraine be”.

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