Realistic Training for Key West EMS

The Key West Fire Department’s medics are taking a refresher course this week with several unique patients. Bill McGrath and Richard Gonzalez, of the Southeaster Medical Academy and affiliated with Braxton College, arrived with patient simulators including a pregnant woman and several children from infant to pre-teen.

These high-tech training manikins do most things a living person would. Their eyes open and close and the pupils dilate and respond to light. They breath and have a pulse. And the simulated woman gives birth.

All of the symptoms are controlled by the trainer via a nearby computer pad.

The training allows the medics to work through a variety of scenarios and see immediate and realistic results.

“This hands-on training is so valuable,” said Emergency Medical Services Chief Keith Hernandez. “The mannequin simulators are about as real as it can get for our medic students to apply their knowledge and skills they have learned thus far.”

“We are thrilled to have access to this kind of training,” said Fire Chief Alan Averette. “We want to do everything we can to be sure that the Key West Fire Department provides the best care possible to our community.”

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