Project Management Continues Seawall Repairs at Higgs Beach in Key West

KEY WEST, FL – Monroe County Project Management continues seawall repairs at Higgs Beach in Key West and wants the public to know that sea turtle nesting areas are safe and not affected during the work. Turtles will not get trapped within the turbidity barrier, and the shoreline is inspected before each workday.

The area near the seawall at Higgs Beach is closed for safety. The cracks in the seawall were caused by erosion that left a gap between the caprock and the bottom of the seawall. The seawall repair is the final Hurricane Irma work at the beach.

“This was particularly challenging to work with the saltwater and sand behind the wall,” said Monroe County Project Management Director Cary Knight. “After considering many different technologies to repair the seawall, we ended up with a two-part Urea Silicate Resin, first developed for the tunneling and the mining industry.”

The environmentally safe product is unique because it is heavier than water and can be used in saltwater without impacting the material.

“Even with pumping, we can never get that area completely dry,” said Knight. “This material sinks into the crack, displaces the saltwater, and sets in under two minutes.”

Work is expected to be finished in mid-fall.

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