Positive Outlook

By Fred C. Klein

Back in the day there was a character (pictured) in the Little Abner comic strip who walked around with a perpetual black cloud hanging over his head. His name was Joe Btfsplk.  In sum, he was bad luck and brought it on to others.


I encountered Joe at a young and impressionable age and have carried his dark image through out my life.

To say the least, I did not want to emulate or personify Joe.  Thus, I always found a way to see a bright side or rationalize a result.

In a way, I suppose it’s a gift.  A coping mechanism which is serving me especially well now.

For example, when Joanne would tell me something negative happened to one of our boys I would quickly say “Everything can’t always be good.  The negative builds character!”  Or when we were facing a difficult situation or stretch I would say “It will be an adventure!”

Now as we shelter in place, I keep telling myself there will be a new normal with so many improvements (Lemonade) engendered by our sour situation.

Help me here and fill in some positives that are aborning and to come. Perceptions/predictions are welcome!