Pitching Conch Pride Senior Spotlight



During lockdown, seniors have kept their heads up in hopes of a strong finish to their last year at Key West High School (KWHS). Jordan Parks, one of these seniors, is hopeful for a quick recovery for the city, so he can get back to doing daily activities. Parks and the senior class are grateful for everything the school has done for them, whether it be words of encouragement, or creating memories for the seniors to take with them after they cross the finish line.

Parks states that his high school memories are unforgettable. “I’d have to say my most memorable moment in high school would have to be when we won the pep rally back in my junior year,” says Parks. Pep rallies are a big deal at KWHS. They are one of the many ways the school community can show off their Conch Pride, and Parks enjoyed every second of all of them.

Like most of the senior class, Parks will be continuing his academic studies in college. Parks says, “I will be attending Lynn University in the fall and will be majoring in sports management and minoring in finance.”

Besides learning the curriculum, Parks notes other lessons he learned while attending school:  “KWHS taught me that you can always follow your dreams.” A very involved student, Parks has always walked with his head high and carried Conch Pride everywhere he went. Parks is a senior baseball player at the high school. Like many other seniors, he says, “I will definitely miss my classmates and teammates.”

The class of 2020 seniors have also set expectations for the lower classmen. Parks is an excellent example of a class role model, and like many others in the school community, he is looked up to and inspires younger students. Lower classmen are always eager to hear about the advice he has to share, or the stories he has to tell. Parks shares some final insight for them: “My advice to the lower classmen is to continue their hard work and dedication.”

Caption: Jordan Parks at a Conch home baseball game vs. Killian, catching a hit out to the right field under the Friday night lights.

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