Left to Right: Vice-Chairman Bob Dean, Commissioner Roosevelt C. Sands, Jr., Chairman John Parks, Jr., Commissioner Frank Toppino, Commissioner Annette Mobley, City Commissioner (and nephew to Mr. Sands) Clayton Lopez, City Commissioner and KWHA Board Liaison Jimmy Weekley, Executive Director Randy Sterling.  

On Tuesday, September 13th, 2022, the Key West Housing Authority (KWHA) Board of Commissioners, and its staff, recognized Mr. Roosevelt C. Sands Jr. for his 52 years of service to the KWHA Board

Commissioner Sands was originally appointed to the board on September 14th, 1970, by Mayor Delio Cobo.  He was then reappointed twelve times by Mayors Tom Sawyer, Charles “Sonny” McCoy, Tony Tarracino, Dennis Wardlow, Jimmy Weekly, Morgan McPherson, and Craig Cates.

Executive Director Randy Sterling, during an expression of gratitude toward Commissioner Sands, shared some of the Commissioner’s many accomplishments, which include the  development of the Senior Citizens Plaza and Roosevelt Gardens Apartments, the redevelopment of the Jack T. Murray Senior Citizen Complex, the redevelopment of his namesake property the Roosevelt C. Sands, Jr. Affordable Housing Complex, and the acquisition of Poinciana Plaza, the acquisition of the Washington Street Apartments, and most recently the development of Poinciana Gardens Senior Living Complex and the current development of Garden View Apartments.

Board Chairman Johnny Parks, Jr. said, “I remember when I was a teenager, and you were my boss, and we would remove window units from homes and replace or repair them. You would always take the heavy end of the unit. Then as an adult I saw you still always offer to take the heavy end, Commissioner. It has been an honor to serve with you on this Board.” The other members of the Board shared their sincerest sentiments of gratitude for Commissioner Sands’ wisdom, knowledge, guidance, and the most powerful and heartfelt invocations ever witnessed.

The board position is 100% volunteer and members receive no compensation for their service. Mr. Roosevelt C. Sands, Jr. has dedicated more than half of a century to the KWHA’s mission, and most of his life to serving the residents of the Key West community in a multitude of capacities.

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