Not today, Mr Pickles”

On a grateful walk this weekend,

we went to the Key West Aquarium

where Bella came face to face with an eel.

As the eel approached, it reminded me of the

thoughts in me with sharp teeth 

that bite my heart.

They are my slippery thoughts

that I try to avoid

and when left unattended

often breed more.

When I fight them,

they can send shock waves 

of fear throughout me

that have made me afraid

of my own depth.

The beautiful part, 

is when I finally learned to face them 

with respect

and learn the lesson

they are trying to teach me,

they lose their charge in me.

We learned that the eel Bella met 

is a senior citizen named Mr. Pickles

and has gone blind

inspiring me to greet 

old fears that come up from my darkness 

as Mr. Pickles.

May today find you 

honoring yourself for facing and learning from

any old fears that used to paralyze you

and now no longer have any charge in you.

And if any old fears 

try to bite into you again,

smile and say, “Not today Mr. Pickles”.

-Jenny Grace

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