New electronic tablets for inmates

Monroe County detention centers now have hand-held electronic devices that allow inmates to turn stretches of idle time into active, engaging, and productive time.

“These tablets are a great way to reduce stress in a controlled environment and keep inmates engaged with something constructive and healthy,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay.

The Sheriff’s Office acquired Viapath Inspire tablets that are designed for the corrections environment which allow inmates to access a variety of approved multimedia applications with their own unique pin number and inmate ID. Some of the applications are free to view, such as inmate mail, but they also have free access to an E-book library, law library, religious literature, educational content, trade courses, AA and NA resources, as well as job and life skill apps.

Other apps are paid for by the inmate at a rate of .05 cents a minute, such as games, music, movies, news, and more.

Family members and friends can send texts, 30-second videos, or photos to the inmate for .25 cents each, but jail staff reviews them for prior approval. Inmates cannot send out photos or video messages. Phone calls are paid for through the inmate’s normal phone account and the same phone rates apply.

For more information about the inmate tablets and other jail programs go to

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