By Fred C. Klein

orig_blog_4306_0.png (800×800)On Tuesday night I enjoyed a Boyz Night Out with 3 Gotham stalwarts, Paul (Wheelman) Napolitano, Corey (Music Maven) Bearak and my Mentor Partner Robert (Insurance Doctor) Intelisano.

Some time ago, Corey scoped out the Neil Young and Crazy Horse concert at the old Forest Hills tennis venue where, as a boy, I saw Althea Gibson’s historic US Open Championship Tennis victory.

The night started in Robert’s Forest Hills ‘hood where we feasted at his favorite Tuscan Hills restaurant on Queens Blvd.  Truth be told, I had my lifetime best piece of fish (turbot) and every dish was delish, as I so complimented owner Marco.

Corey had the tickets in his “wallet”, Paul was “Wheelman” and Robert our neighborhood guide.

Soon we were approaching the venerable horseshoe shaped, 14,000 seat, stadium which was constructed over 100 years ago and is still functional as a music venue, residing in the historic Forest Hills Gardens residential Tudor enclave.  All of which was a feast for my eyes!

Upon entering the verdant grounds of the Westside Tennis Club, we repaired to The Back Yard Bar and recreational area where we enjoyed drinks , Paul and Robert played ping pong, and we were visited by my beautiful, dressed up, swimming buddy Leah Tobin and husband Adam.

Our concrete seats were half way up the horseshoe and stage right.  The assembled crowd was heavily Baby Boomer and one tee shirt said it all: “I May Be Old But I Got To See All The Cool Bands.”

And, of course, 78 year old Neil Young is a Rock icon (dinosaur) and Tuesday he came dressed as a street person, but ready to play and play and sing he did!

We enjoyed the concert despite the rain drops and sound system failures. Someone said it evoked Woodstock and we were all in it, together.

Robert summed it up: “Biting guitar, ripping strings, moving key boards from Heaven! Don’t see that every day.”

The local neighborhood Association imposes a 10:00 curfew and, like clock work, Crazy Horse encored on time.

Lots more crazy stuff happened, but suffice it to say, I left a happy boy with a “Heart of Gold (and I’m getting old)”  🙂

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