National Public Safety Telecommunications Week — help us honor these integral MCSO members!

Next week is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week and the Sheriff’s Office will be recognizing the diligence and professionalism of our telecommunicators who serve in our communications center in Marathon.

“Emergency telecommunicators have one of the most important and stressful jobs in law enforcement,” said Sheriff Rick Ramsay. “They play a vital role in keeping this community safe.”

Communications officers are the first to receive your emergency calls and what they do with those calls can often greatly influence the outcome of the event in question. The pressure and stress of the job is high, and the hard work they do every day deserves thanks from all of us. Sheriff’s Office telecommunicators have a tremendous responsibility — they not only dispatch law enforcement in the county but also fire departments, paramedics, and the Trauma Star helicopters — the last of which also requires dedication as telecommunicators are required to keep track of the helicopters and their location in the air.

The Sheriff’s Office and public safety agencies nationwide take one week a year to recognize the pivotal role played by telecommunicators, dispatchers, communications operators, communications officers, radio control personnel: all those who utilize telephones, radios, computers, and technical skill to provide support to law enforcement, fire services, emergency medical services, and other governmental field personnel.

If you are interested in applying and working in this exciting and rewarding career field, please contact the Sheriff’s Office Human Resources Division at 305-292-7044.

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