Mayor Johnston Reaches Out to Help Businesses Communicate

In preparation for visitors returning to the Keys, Key West Mayor Teri Johnston today sent a letter to local businesses offering tools to help them operate under the emergency directives currently in place.

“As we slowly welcome back visitors into Key West,” she wrote, “our collective responsibility to protect our community, employees and guests is going to be paramount.”

The mayor is offering signage for business owners to post so that customers know the rules before they enter the business.

The signs reiterate the City’s Emergency Directive 2020-05 requiring that everyone entering a business is required to wear a mask. They read, “No Shirts, No Shoes, No Mask, No Entry.”

The letter continues, encouraging business owners to call the City’s hotline is they need to make a non-compliance report. That number is 305-809-1101. She notes that violation of the emergency orders can result in 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.

“We hope that by understanding our protective measures, everyone can have a safe, enjoyable experience in Key West,” said the Mayor. “We are all in this together.”