Man arrested for damaging sewer system

A 30-year-old Plantation Key man was arrested Friday for intentionally closing a sewer valve at an Islamorada resort causing thousands of dollars in damages.

Cole Allan Peacock was charged with tampering with or damaging a sewer system and criminal mischief.

The property manager at the Islands of Islamorada resort noticed the lift station was not working on March 3, 2022. He discovered the lift pump was damaged due to the lack of sewage flow from the resort to the Village of Islamorada’s main sewer line. He contacted Village of Islamorada Public Works and it was determined the issue was caused by a closed sewage valve.

While public works was on scene, the manager received a phone call from Peacock inquiring about a sewage backup. Peacock works for a company that services lift stations like the one in question. The manager thought it was odd to receive a phone call from Peacock who already appeared to know about the issue. Peacock never said he was the person who closed the valve at that time. The closed valve caused $3,338 in damages.

Detective Darnell Durham investigated and viewed security camera footage of Peacock on resort property probing the ground. It was later learned he was looking for the sewer valve.

Detective Durham interviewed Peacock and he initially denied any wrongdoing before admitting he closed the valve.

A warrant was later issued for his arrest.

Peacock was booked into jail on Friday.

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