Man arrested after fleeing in golf cart 

The 50-year-old Marathon man was arrested Friday night after fleeing from a Deputy in an unregistered golf car with no lights.

Adam Bert Angermann was charged with fleeing and eluding, resisting arrest, resisting arrest with violence, DUI and failure to register a motor vehicle.

Deputy Corbin Hradecky was on patrol at 11 p.m. southbound on U.S. 1 at the Vaca Cut Bridge when he observed a golf cart with no operating lights cross over the median on U.S. 1. The golf cart then turned on Margaret Avenue and proceeded to make several turns in the Avenues, running several stop signs, before eventually turning onto Brian Road at his residence. Deputy Hradecky had by this time turned on his emergency lights and siren and noted the golf cart kept accelerating and making turns that suggested the driver of the golf cart — later identified as Angermann — was attempting to elude him.

Deputy Hradecky told Angermann he was driving an unregistered vehicle as well as operating a vehicle with no lights. Angermann appeared to be intoxicated and stated he was calling Deputy Hradecky’s superiors while failing to provide his driver’s license.

Deputy Hradecky attempted to detain Angermann when Angermann pulled away and tucked in his arms. He refused to follow commands and resisted being handcuffed. Deputy Hradecky put Angermann on the ground. Deputy Hradecky told Angermann he would be shocked with a Taser if he did not comply. Angermann continued to not comply. Angermann then stated he would comply. Deputy Hradecky holstered his Taser. Angermann then screamed and cussed and knocked Deputy Hradecky backward. Angermann balled his fists and walked toward Deputy Hradecky who then shocked Angermann with the Taser. Deputy Hradecky had to shock Angermann once more as Angermann continued to ignore commands to stay on the ground.

Angermann was then placed into custody.

Angermann was taken to jail.