By Roger C. Kostmayer

The congressional debate over a second impeachment of the president, for inciting insurrection, was unanimous and bipartisan that the president’s actions were wrong and the domestic terrorist attack on our capitol by right wing extremists, white supremicists and QAnon on January 6 was horrible and unacceptable.  But after that, there was a clear divide.

Most Republican congressmen and women said holding Trump and other enablers accountable was too rushed, too political and they recommended, essentially, that the country and the congress sweep all this under the rug and just move forward, cooperate with each other and be more unified.  The Democrats and 10 Republican members of the House disagreed.  Those 10 Republicans are a hopeful harbinger of partisan healing, but we must also remember that Republican leader Kevin McCarthy and 138 other Republican members voted to overturn a free and fair American election, lied about it, and they still refuse to say the simple truth – “The election was NOT stolen”.  This means the fraught Trump era isn’t over until it’s over.

For our nation to move forward effectively and cooperatively requires a proper foundation on which to heal and rebuild our democratic experiment.  That foundation consists of Truth from political leaders and their parties, Justice from a nation of laws, and Accountability for all who are responsible.  Then, we can move forward.