Letter to the Editor / “THE POWER OF THE DOG” – The Film

By Roger C. Kostmayer

This remarkable film is difficult to analyze and judge, especially while avoiding being a spoiler. Sunday’s New York Times had an excellent article about the film’s director, Jane Campion, who also directed the fabulous 1993 “The Piano”.

Halfway through what seemed like an unrelenting dystopian movie full of cruelty and brutish behavior, I wouldn’t have recommended it.  It’s about four characters and their life on a western cattle ranch in the 1920’s – and specifically, the conflicts between civility and brutality, masculine and feminine, and between the outside and inside of human beings.  The acting, directing and photography were all remarkable and striking.  Campion respects her mature and thoughtful audience and refuses to spoon feed them or dumb down complexities, which means you have to pay attention and understand her realities.  It’s not until the lights come on and you are leaving the theater that dots get connected and you grasp what has happened and why, which is very gratifying.

This film can be a rough ride, but it’s worth the discomfort.

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