By Roger C. Kostmayer

Peaceful protestors and Portland, Oregon’s elected officials could achieve both their separate and common goals by working together.  The two entities have a common adversary and they would benefit by both cooperating and focusing on: Free Speech, The mistreatment of minorities, and the Constitutional protection of cities and states from unsolicited, politically motivated federal invasions of militarized incognito troops or police.

On one side are the demonstrators and local officials who live there, and both share these concerns; while the President and those few protestors who aren’t peaceful, violate the law and harm federal property, are both the opposite – they share the desire for chaos for different reasons.  Negotiations, strategizing, compromising and cooperating would all be required and their combined actions and demonstrations could be guided by legal advice that denies their adversaries phony fig leaves and justifications.

Good faith discussions and deliberations could produce legal demonstrations that include the Portland Mayor (again), local police side by side as protectors, BLM demonstrators, and concerned local citizens – none of whom wants their fears realized, their friends battered and bloodied, and their right to assemble, protest  and govern all shredded.  The community, local officials and the vast majority of demonstrators would all win a significant and historic victory.