By Roger C. Kostmayer

There is no way not to conclude that the Supreme Court of the United States just put its thumb on the scales of justice to benefit citizen Donald J. Trump.

Trump has a long list of criminal indictments against him based on facts and the law, including his attempt to steal an election from the American people.  His entire adult life was based on putting himself above the law – be it rape or insurrection.  Trump’s modus operandi is to “lawyer up”, stall, delay, appeal and run out the clock, and it has worked most of the time.  He sneers at those who play by the rules, serve their country or community, and expect him to pay his bills.

Two courts ruled unequivocally that citizen Trump has no impunity from the law such as that enjoyed by a sitting president. But the Supreme Court just decided that it would take the time to review Trump’s ability to assassinate a political opponent with impunity, which will take many more months and play into Trump’s hands by preventing legal cases when approaching an election.

Essentially, this is a de facto free pass for Trump, especially if he is elected president.

If Trump manages to get into the White House again, by hook or crook, he will pardon himself and his henchmen.  And once he regains power, he and his dictatorship will eliminate elections and be difficult to remove.

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