By Roger C. Kostmayer

In a fight with a skunk it’s tempting to rise above the skunk’s tactics, but only if it helps you to win.

America has reached the sad point where pursuit of power by one political party infects every issue and attempt to solve serious national problems.  This includes national security and economic stability, witness Senator Tuberville’s attack on the military and the radical right’s willingness to hold the budget and our economy hostage.  It also, without precedent, includes the Republican’s baseless  attempt to impeach a Democratic President without credible impeachable evidence, and to prosecute or persecute a president’s son in a manner unheard of for similar cases.  Is it really possible or sensible to continue to try and “go high” when adversaries go “so low”?

The answers are difficult due, in part, to false equivalents.  One past president has been impeached twice, has violated his oath of office, fails to believe in democracy and protect the Constitution, and is currently indicted for 91 serious legal charges including crimes against America and Americans. And the current president hasn’t and doesn’t.

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