By Roger C. Kostmayer

The leaders of the two most powerful economic and military countries, the US and China, agree that both countries need to be careful to communicate and avoid miss steps when they compete.  One of the most dangerous issues is North Korea.

NK is increasing ICBM missile launches that could reach the US, Japan, South Korea and other allies in the region; at the same time US intelligence reports suggest Iran is helping NK develop nuclear weapons for those missiles.  The US and Japan called these NK actions “unacceptable”, but attempts to deal directly and diplomatically with NK have proven impossible.  NK dictator Kim Jong Un recently launched a second ICBM missile and NK is becoming a clear and imminent threat to the US and others.

China, NK’s protector and neighbor, has taken the position that NK is our problem and China likes watching us struggle.  But, what China fears most is a massive flight of millions of starving or threatened North Koreans coming across China’s border.

China needs to be told that either they help solve this regional existential problem by preventing NK from developing nuclear ICBMs, or we (US, South Korea, Japan, regional allies and the UN) will do so in a manner not to China’s liking.

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