Letter To Editor / YOUTH v GOV

By Roger C. Kostmayer

We live in an era when humans face a series of crises where a viable future is not a slam dunk.  If we and the world don’t address and solve most of them quickly, humanity won’t fare well.  Global warming, war, genocide, pandemics, and the struggle between democracies and dictatorships are examples.

The one crisis that transcends all others as a clear, imminent and existential global threat is – Global Warming.  We have all seen or suffered from deadly fires, floods, tornados, hurricanes, droughts, rising water and the death and devastation in their wake.    The facts and science show that governments’ failure to take immediate corrective action may mean our children and grandchildren won’t have a future.

There is one small but tenacious organization (Our Children’s Trust’s) led by a young attorney named Julie Olson who, because presidents from both parties failed to act, is bringing a constitutional case to the Supreme Court that would require the US government to protect children from climate disasters.  The children have, they explain, the right to “Life, Liberty and Property”.

For the last 12 years, Julia has been struggling against all the odds to see that young people have “climate rights” that are assured by the Supreme Court.  Miraculously, Julia and her amazing young plaintiffs in the Juliana v United States case are getting close in this David v Goliath battle with the oil industry.

This beautiful and deeply moving story is just now in a global Netflix documentary called “YOUTH v GOV”.  For all the children and for future generations I urge you to see Youth v Gov for yourself.  (Just click on Netflix.)

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