By Roger C. Kostmayer

It’s not definite yet, but there is evidence that some sanity is returning to national politics.  The ground may be slowly shifting away from irrational clan-like lies.  If so, this is good for our nation, good for bipartisanship, and it may be changing November’s election results.

The 538 polling company now gives the Democrats a slight edge to increase their control of the Senate in November, while they project a lead for Republicans in the House of Representatives.  But in both cases the Dems seem to have the momentum, in spite of the fact that President Biden still has “favorable” ratings from the electorate in the 30% – 40% range.

90 days (until Election Day) is an eternity in politics, and a rising tide for the Dems is being produced by the confluence of unusual factors that could overwhelm traditional voting tendencies.  These factors include:  The January 6 assault on our capitol, The Jan. 6 Congressional hearings, The popular opinion that wrong-doers should be accountable, The attempts to take personal rights and privacy (abortion) from women, The (often) bipartisan recent legislation addressing what the majority needs and wants – (such as infrastructure, global warming, military weapons regulations, anti-inflation, minimum taxes on huge corporations, Veteran’s health, and the 63% vote by red Kansas to protect women’s right to abortions.

It’s significant that a majority of Americans want these legislative solutions; and Republican politicians don’t.

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