KWHS Student Accepted to Harvard



Like a dandelion, blowing through a gentle breeze or through the turbulent winds of a hurricane, a diligent and determined student is resilient against whatever comes their way. Exceptional qualities like these allow amazing opportunities to arise.

An exemplary scholar who represents precisely what diligence, determination and resilience looks like is Divya Navani, a senior from Key West High School (KWHS), who was recently accepted to the prestigious Harvard University.

“Getting accepted into Harvard is a dream come true. I couldn’t believe it when I opened the letter, but when I read that I got in, it just felt so right.,” Navani comments.

She goes on to explain how she achieved this dream of attending the renowned university. “I can say with absolute confidence that I wouldn’t be here without the support of my school and community. I’m standing on the shoulders of my teachers and community members who have encouraged me to shoot for the stars, and all I can say is that I’m so grateful and so honored to be able to take this Conch Pride with me to Harvard.”

Amidst the national crisis with Coronavirus, Navani remains hopeful because of the supportiveness the Florida Keys offers as a community. “Every time I start to feel disheartened, I open my social media to the underclassmen, teachers, school staff, student resource officer, and community members who give such uplifting words of support and encouragement,” states Navani.

In return for the kind words, she leaves some advice for the underclassmen of KWHS. “My mantra is to live life with no regrets.” Navani elaborates by saying, “Go to all the football and baseball games. Go to all the school dances. Go to all the parades. Talk to those people you’ve wanted to talk to, join that sport or club you’ve wanted to join, try that new thing that you’ve wanted to try. And most of all, do it with the biggest smile on your face. That way when you get to the finish line, you can look back and have no regrets.”

“I’m proud to have been a small part of an incredible group of people. I may be heading to Harvard, and my friends and peers are heading on their own journeys, but one thing’s for sure: Conch Pride? No way we’re leaving home without it.” concludes Navani.