Kids Free Florida Keys


“Kids Free Florida Keys” is a month-long celebration organized by the Key West Attractions Association granting children free admission to attractions and tours, meals, and many other great perks throughout the island. The event will occur through October 16th. According to the description posted on the Key West Attractions Association website, “With multiple offers and warm fall weather without the summer crowds or prices, big fun is in store for kids, with savings you’ll love.” The website has a list of offers for any people interested in the event. 

The Executive Director of Key West Attractions Association, Monica Munoz, said that the event came about five years ago, after the board was discussing ways to sponsor their organization, and how to get their name out. She mentioned to her team that there was a Kids Free event happening in San Diego, and that they could do the same thing. The idea, from there, took off. Munoz says, “When we were first discussing the idea, we said, lets open it up to whoever wants to be a part of it. Any businesses that want to be involved with the event can, and we will work with them to create press releases to get the word out and gain traction.” She also mentions that their association has a good relationship with Newman PR, which is beneficial for the advertising of the event. 

Kids Free is free for participants and takes place strategically during a slow time in the Florida Keys: hurricane season. Munoz explained that it is around this time when things typically slow down. Kids are in school, the weather is usually bad, and there aren’t many things to do for locals and visitors. So, kids 12 and under can look forward to activities and perks during this slow time, including trips to the Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory, the Key West Aquarium, the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden, and so many other museums and attractions throughout all the Keys. They also can participate in various tours and watersports and eat at a plethora of restaurants. 

Coupons are available on the website, which are needed for redemption at certain locations. Children receive their free offers with the full price paid admission of at least one accompanying adult. The event not only keeps little-ones busy and entertained, but also drums up business for local businesses, and gives parents an incentive to bring their kids to all these places. Plus, kids from all over the place can also participate and make a trip out of it!

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