Keys History & Discovery Center Lecture Series Covers Great White Sharks

Mote Marine Laboratory Senior Scientist Emeritus to Present

Dr. Robert Hueter, a shark scientist, gives lecture through Keys History & Discovery Center on Wednesday, April 28.

Keys History & Discovery Center Presents…Great White Sharks from the Keys to Canada: A Research & Conservation Success Story, a live virtual lecture on Wednesday, April 28, 6-7 p.m., by Dr. Robert Hueter, a senior scientist emeritus with Mote Marine Laboratory and chief scientist with OCEARCH.

The great white shark is an iconic marine creature and a star of books and movies, but surprisingly little has been known about its life and habits in the northwest Atlantic Ocean. Through an exquisite combination of more than 20 research projects over expeditions beginning in 2012, the nonprofit organization OCEARCH has pioneered a breakthrough in our understanding of this magnificent predator in the Atlantic & Gulf of Mexico. Join Dr. Hueter as he explains all that has been learned about the white shark population, and how we have learned it, over the past decade. Spoiler alert: The Florida Keys plays an important role in the life story of this great fish in the northwest Atlantic.

Lecture is free for members and $5 for non-members. Advance registration is required at www.keysdiscovery/lectures. The virtual program utilizes GoToWebinar. For more information about this platform, go to Any questions, please call 305-922-2237 or e-mail