Key West Songwriters Festival x Rams Head Presents




The Key West Songwriters Festival is the largest of its kind in the world! As described on their website,, “The festival revolves around five days and nights where live music bliss introduces crowds to the faces, voices and stories behind the songs!” This upcoming Key West Songwriters Festival, which will take place May 4th-8th, 2022, will be the first time that the festival is teaming up with Rams Head Presents- the East Coast’s premier independent concert promoter!

Charlie Bauer is the President and Co Founder of The Key West Songwriters Festival, and has provided some information about his success with the festival. He opened the Hogs Breath Saloon, where he and others were performing live music. In 1995, a songwriter from Nashville came to play and explained how the concept of “The Performing Rights Organization” could bring writers down to perform, and thus, The Key West Songwriters Festival was born! 

The upcoming festival will be the organization’s 25th anniversary. Bauer has been in close contact with Bill Muehlhauser, the CEO of Rams Head Presents, in order to create a partnership to further promote the success of the festival. The two have known each other for 15 years, and share similar passions and interests within the music industry. They have been working tirelessly to make Key West a significant music destination, and this opportunity to merge forces has proved to be a perfect marriage of companies. When talking about the partnership, Muehlhauser states, “We’ve been looking to do this for a few years, and Charlie is looking for help to grow his company. We believe that we would be the missing link to really establish further success.” Rams Head Presents has been behind many of the shows that are currently performed at the Amphitheater, so the partnership almost seems like a no-brainer. 

Charlie Bauer is just as excited as Muehlhauser with respect to their partnership, as well as the overall success that the festival has achieved. He states, “The people that come for the festival have really made it grow too, because a lot of them have been down every year and put the word out for us among the people who like the songs on the radio, so we always have a tremendous experience thanks to the festival-goers. In addition, there is a lot of positive interaction between the singer songwriters and the people that attend the festival.” Key West! We love you and your tight knit community. 

There will be a sister version of the festival in Annapolis in September of 2022, where the Rams Head Presents organization is located, as well as a bunch of future events! One of their future goals is to bring the festival to Brooklyn.

When asked about their new partnership, Muehlhauser states, “Charlie is very active in planning to put the festival together. He is not only a friend, but he is also so knowledgeable about music. It’s truly incredible.” We are so excited about this partnership and can’t wait to see all that they do!

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