Florida’s Government – in – the – Sunshine Law provides a right of access to governmental proceedings at both state and local levels. It applies to any gathering of 2 or more members of the same board or commission to discuss some matter which will in course come before that board or commission for action. In short, no discussion in private. Must be open. The public has a right to know at every step.

Violation can result in  fines or criminal charges.

Two or three Key West Commission members  have decided to fire City Manager Albert Childress. Certain or all of the three are scheduled for retirement at the end of the month. One or more called a meeting June 26 to fire Childress.

Has the Sunshine Law been violated here?

No one seems to be talking talking about it.

A Keys History comment in this morning’s Citizen. Concerns the make up of Key West people in 1893: “A very large number of the Key West people have no religion at all and are as vile and wicked as the devil wants them to be, there are others who have so much religion it is absolutely making them miserable.”

Thelma Strabel a famous authoress. In 1940, her work Reap the Wild Wind was run in the Saturday Evening Post.  Made into a major movie in 1942 starring John Wayne, Ray Milland, Raymond Massey, Paulette Goddard and Susan Hayward.

Strabel built a house in Key West at what is today in the area of the Southernmost Point. At 400 South Street. At the time, it was the southernmost house in Key West. Later torn down and replaced by a larger house.

On wealthy Martha’s Vineyard, costly housing is forcing  workers out and threatening public safety. Costly housing has caused a similar experience in Key West in recent years. Many Key West restaurants have had to limit seating because of a lack of help. Help who left because Key West housing had become too expensive.

Popular actor Donald Sutherland died yesterday at the age of 88. He starred in many films including Klute, Mash, The Dirty Dozen, and Ordinary People.

Dwight Eisenhower was the “Boss” of D-Day. Planning and execution. Numero Uno as the saying goes. He was the Supreme Commander.

A major thorn in his side was British General Bernard Montgomery. An arrogant man. Disappointed he was passed over for Eisenhower’s job. He was designated #2 in effect by being made Chief of Allied Ground Forces for the invasion. His experience qualified him for the position.

Montgomery’s problem was he considered himself “Jesus Christ reincarnated.” No one more better than he.

This made the Eisenhower/Montgomery relationship tense. So much so that in a 1944 incident Eisenhower had to remind Montgomery that he, Eisenhower, was his boss and Montgomery was not speak disrespectfully to him.

I am confused. First, Caitlin Clark was omitted from the Olympic team for some reason. However, it was reported at the time she was the first substitute if an opening occurred.

So much for the substitution report when she was passed over.

The unexpected has occurred. There is an opening due to the unfortunate injury to Cameron Brink.

Rumor is Caitlin Clark is ineligible to play. The USA Ladies Basketball Team has specific requirements for eligibility. Complex rules. Clark has not participated in “certain competitions.” Too confusing for even me to understand.

There has been no announcement yet that she does not qualify. My sense is that it is crazy.

I hope I am wrong and she will swiftly be placed on the team.

The joke of it all is that Clark has caused professional ladies basketball to be reborn. Her presence has boosted the game. At one game this week, the best seats were going for $9,000.

Another example of what her participation has made possible is the Indiana/Atlanta game last night. Which, by the way, Indiana won 91-79. Indiana’s fourth consecutive victory.

The game was scheduled to be played at the Gateway City Arena which holds 3,500. It was moved instead to the State Farm Arena which has a 16,888 capacity. It superseded that number admitting 17,575 to watch the game.

Caitlin keeps drawing crowds. The best thing that has happened to ladies pro basketball!

The first Presidential Debate between Biden and Trump takes place next thursday June 27. Conducted by CNN, it will begin at 9 pm.

Alberto dissipated over Mexico. “Petering” out. Heavy rain remains. Texas saved. Will only experience more rain, though not tropical storm strength.

There is a lesson to be learned here. Did we overreact to Alberto? We have to be cautious. However should not exaggerate, expect the worst, unless we are certain it will be that bad. People panic, some leave. Safety important. However I have experienced enough to know that overreaction leads to people eventually not paying attention. Then when they should get out, they fail to do so.

The Tortugas were named by Ponce de Leon. A name learned by me in grammar school. He named the islands at the western end of the Florida Keys “Los Tortugas.”

My yesterday began at 9 in the morning at Select Physiotherapy. Steven worked me for an hour. An excellent therapist.

He leaves tomorrow for 10 days in Italy. Rome, Florence, etc. Lucky guy! A great trip. We spent my hour discussing the trip. Made it easier for me to work out, though I was more tired at the end. He worked me hard.

Then it was off to Date & Thyme for my Monkey Smoothie fix. My breakfast.

Decided to do a little more shopping at Winn-Dixie. I am now convinced it is overall cheaper than Publix. I spent $44 for what would have cost me close to $60 at Publix.

Two examples. Two 16 ounce bottle 6 packs of Diet Pepsi on sale. $8 and change at Publix. A mere $6 at Winn-Dixie. Packages of Sunkist Tuna $ .70 each. Well over $1 at Publix.

As I sat in my car ready to leave Winn-Dixie, a pretty lass came up to talk to me. If I recall correctly, her name was Cynthia. If not, I apologize. I enjoyed her company for about 15 minutes.

Cynthia has to be 19-20 years old. Just finished her first ear at the University of Florida in Gainesville. She got a 3.8. Means all As and 1 B.

Again, an absolute beauty.

She was attracted not to me, but to my car. For some reason, women love the color of my Beetle convertible. It is blue and white. The car attracted her, not me. I complain not, however. I enjoyed, we enjoyed, our time together. Chatted about a lot of things.

Hope I run into her again. Meeting her alone reason enough to continue shopping at Winn-Dixie.

Enjoy your day!

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