January 20, 2021. The day could not come soon enough. The U.S. will officially have a new President. Joseph Biden.

Timely. Wish he could have been sworn in earlier. The problems he faces are monumental. They seemed to get worse with each day leading up to the Inauguration.

Our country is at a sensitive stage. Divided. Trump leaves the U.S. in shambles. He has wrought that which none of us conceived could occur.

Will there be violence as on January 6? I am not sure.

The insurgents have indicated there will be. On the other hand, the Biden/government forces have geared up for all types of violence. Fences surrounding the Capitol, 25,000 National Guardsmen brought in, etc.

One might think the insurgents having such knowledge would pass on tomorrow. Wait till a day when opposing forces would not be so great.

However, the insurgents have made it clear tomorrow is the day! January 6 has added significantly to their confidence. So they might meet what they perceive as the “enemy” head on tomorrow.

Violence! Pure and simple! Blood definitely. More deaths almost a certainty. Tomorrow the main battle. Not a skirmish.

It will not be an inauguration day like all inauguration days. No thousands of people cheering the new President on. No parade with the President, Mrs. Biden, and the family leading it.

The winds of war mandate against such.

In lieu of the throngs of Americans, a huge “field of American flags” will stand.

A new poll came out yesterday. It was done January 15-17. Revealed new startling information.

The issue was how many Republican senators would vote to find Trump guilty of the impeachment charges. Twenty percent “strongly” or “somewhat” approved of the Senate finding Trump guilty.

A dramatic increase. Twenty percent represents 10 votes. Seventeen Republican votes required to find Trump guilty.

Makes sense with all the additional bad news coming out of the White House daily. Trump is not going out quietly. His ill conceived contributions have continued.

There are times we do not appreciate the freedoms we have. Freedoms for example to speak adversely re the Presient and his staff, as well as elected officials.

Not so in every country.

Things are different in Thailand.

Thailand has a law that makes it a crime to defame senior members of the royal family.

Anchan Preelert was a civil servant. Middle aged. She made inappropriate statements re the royal family.

She was sentenced to 87 years. Since she pled guilty and waived trial, her sentence was cut in half. To 43 years.

Imagine what would have happened to thousands of the insurgents on January 6. They do not know how good they have it living in the U.S. If January 6 had occurred in Thailand, most of the demonstrators would probably have faced the death penalty.

Rand Paul is a Republican senator from Kentucky. I find him on the fringe when he speaks. Somewhere between a “normal” senator and Ted Cruz.

He does not agree with the January 6 attack on the Capitol. He also voted against turning the election on the fraud ballots issue.

Rand is concerned with Trump’s eventual trial before the Senate. His position is if the Republican members go along with a guilty result, the Republican Party will be destroyed. He projects one third of the entire Party would leave.

Keep in mind that McConnell has freed his Senate Republicans to vote their conscience. He also advises he has not yet made up his mind how he will vote. Recall the poll referred to earlier. If the Democrats vote as a block, it will only take 17 Republican Senators to vote guilty for Trump to be convicted.

A Tom Hanks movie The Terminal was released in 2004. It involved a man who could not get into the U.S. However the authorities could not arrest him if he never left the Kennedy Airport. So he resided there. Hiding by night, wandering around by day, being fed by Airport employees.

A similar situation has been discovered at the Chicago Airport. A man lived in the Airport for 3 months before being discovered.

The man involved feared coronavirus. He would not go home nor take a flight for fear of the virus afflicting him.

He hid in a secured area. Wandered about the Airport when safe to do so. He was fed by Airport employees.

Shades of the Tom Hanks movie.

Key West has been the locale for many movies. Two were in the news on this day in different years.

In 1956, The Rose Tattoo. The play written by Tennessee Williams. The movie starred Burt Lancaster and Anna Magnani. It opened in Florida at Key West’s Strand and San Carlos Theaters.

In 1959, the filming of the comedy Operation Petticoat began in Key West. Starred Cary Grant and Tony Curtis.

I conclude with an actually funny story.

Someone opened an account on Go Fund Me for the Pier House. The Pier House’s plight a financial one due to many vacancies as a result of the Pandemic.

Don’t believe it. The necessity for the Account, that is. The Pier House has remained open. Maybe not fully occupied. However a sufficient number of rooms occupied to keep the Pier House profitable.

Though the Chart Room still remains closed. However a hotel makes its money off rooms and not its bars.

It is suspected a Citizens’ Voice reader set up the Go Fund Me account.

Tonight, my blog talk radio show! Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me. So much to rant and rave about. Nine my time.

Enjoy your day!