The Florida Keys Highway is one of the greatest rides in the U.S. Pleasure wise, I find it comparable to California’s Big Sur.

The Keys highway runs the length of the Florida Keys. Covers the entire island chain. Forty bridges to cross, including the famous Seven Mile Bridge.

Many refer to the road as the Highway That Goes To Sea. Some, the All-American Road.

The drive spectacular. Rent a car in Miami and drive down to Key West. Preferably a convertible. A 140 mile trip. Generally ocean on both sides. As far as the eyes can see. The sun glazing over the ocean. An occasional boat slumbering along.

There is nothing finer nor more relaxing than the drive.

From Key West on the North American continent, we travel to Australia.

A major discovery has been announced. Confirmed by scientists, Australia’s largest dinosaur has been discovered. Something like the Keys U.S. 1. Unique and long. Two stories tall, a basketball court long.

In addition to being Australia’s largest, it is one of the world’s largest.

The dinosaurs fossilized skeleton was discovered in 2007. It took the scientists this long to put the dinosaur together and conclude what it was. An Australotitan Cooperensis.

Joe Manchin. A major disappointment to Democrats. A turn coat in disguise. The Republicans’ new champion.

Manchin is enjoying his moment in the sun. Loves being Washington’s newest power broker.

He appeared on two national talk shows Sunday. Proudly said that in addition to not voting against filibuster, he also had decided not to vote in support of the For The People voting rights bill.

Chris Cillizza wrote an interesting piece on Manchin and his Sunday talk show appearances.

Cillizza wrote Manchin “cast a pall on other Biden plans.” He cannot be depended upon. Cillizza described Manchin as having “totally screwed the Democrats.”

Some Manchin background.

He has been a friend of the Koch Brothers for years.

The writing is on the wall. Manchin’s numbers have been decreasing. He could very well lose in 2024 when he stands for reelection.

A Democrat, he is the last Democrat holding a state wide West Virginia office.

Numbers do not lie. In his 2012 Senate election, Manchin received just over 60 percent of the vote. His next Senate election 2018. He was lucky to win. Manchin received 49.6 percent of the vote, his opponent 46.3.

It is anticipated Manchin will lose in 2024. Many believe that is why he is playing games with the filibuster and the voting rights bill.

Manchin is seriously planning on changing his party affiliation to Republican for the 2024 election. His recent actions indicate he is feathering his bed for the event.

It should be noted Trump beat Clinton in 2016 by 40 percent. Trump recently said he believed Manchin was “doing the right thing” by saying “no” to ending the filibuster.

The Senate issued its report re January 6. A very limited one. Generally limited to a few security failures. Fails to mention Trump’s role.

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