Syracuse’s first real test of the season. Its game against Purdue yesterday. Syracuse came out on top. Decisively beat Purdue 35-20.

A very interesting game. Syracuse will be good this season! A top team.

The game started with Purdue making Syracuse look lousy. Did not last long. Following which it was basically Syracuse all the way.

Syracuse must hope (actually, pray) Garrett Schrader does not get hurt. He was absolutely outstanding! Running and passing. A quarterback, he ran 195 yards. Passed for close to that number also.

There are three negatives to be dealt with.

The first is the ability of receivers on long throws to catch or retain control of the ball. Syracuse would have rolled up even larger numbers if such catches were made. My recollection is only one long pass was caught and that came late in the game. The throws were there. Butter fingers failed to hold on to the ball.

Another problem is the punter. He had a very bad day. Two punts were only 18 and 20 yards. He needs work.

Coach Dino Babers evidenced a problem he has had all during his time at Syracuse. He tends to go conservative when he has a lead. With about one minute left in the first half, Syracuse was up by 14 points and in a position to score. He did not go for the touchdown with any degree of aggressiveness. He feared Syracuse would lose the ball and Purdue score.

The first time Syracuse had the ball in the second half, he had them play slowly (run the clock) before executing a play. Lasted only the first set of downs. It would have been a different game if he had continue to have Syracuse play that way in the second half.

The end of the game a slow down also. Syracuse up by 15 points. He could easily have had Syracuse score another touchdown in the last 30 seconds. He had his team not go for it. Why? Good sportsmanship perhaps? Whatever, scoring is important in rankings. Syracuse wants to be up there. Pile the points on. The opposition does. I doubt Babers will change. If he does not, he should not complain at season’s end if Syracuse fails to get a “good bowl” bid.

Syracuse plays Army next week. Probably another Syracuse victory. After that, the ACC.

Publix announced it is coming out with something new. For its professional football fans who shop with Publix. Four new submarine sandwiches. Each different, each named after one of four teams: Tampa, Jacksonville, Atlanta and Miami.

Not all Publix stores will carry them. I reviewed the contents of each. Tasty! Can’t wait to try them.

Trump is not the All American man. He cannot be described as All American.

Trump believes a person needs an ID to buy a loaf of bread. He said it at a summit meeting of Concerned Women of America in Washington, D.C.: “You show voter ID to buy a loaf of bread. You have ID to buy a loaf of bread.”

In 2018 at a rally, he said: “You need a picture on a card, you need ID” to buy groceries. Months later, he said there’s an ID requirement for cereal purchases.

My admonition: Never trust a person who has not grocery shopped.

A recently discovered letter in Vatican archives suggests Pope Pius XII knew about Nazi death camps in Auschwitz and Belzec where people “die everyday, especially Poles and Jews.”

No reason for such a big deal to be made about this letter. The world has long known Pius XII and the Catholic Church knew and did either nothing or little about it. Pius XII played politician rather than prelate. He failed those killed and suffering in the Nazi concentration camps.

An exercise in futility. Too little, too late. Way too late. I refer to the now annual Florida Python Challenge.

Florida was aware of a python problem in its infancy as far back as 1998. Did nothing about it. Now well over a million pythons in Florida.

Several years ago, Florida began a contest permitting people to hunt pythons. Catch, not kill. Cash rewards to winners. This year, a person who caught 20 over a 10 day period received $10,000.

Twenty caught! Nothing! Like a drop of water in the ocean. Total catch by all concerned probably 100-200. Again, nothing. Pythons are prolific. That many were probably born over the 10 day period.

Florida has conceded it cannot eradicate pythons. Hopefully, only “manage” the problem. The “catch python” contest a very poor way to even “manage.”

Republicans always point the finger at Democrats as the ones who do bad things. Republicans, never. Not so. People are people regardless of party affiliation.

Re. Lauren Boebert (R-Col.) was kicked out of a Beetlejuice show in Denver for vaping and groping with her date. Videos show her and her date “eagerly groping each other in their seats.” Their actions disturbed other guests who asked them to stop prior to their being ejected. The groping included Boebert’s date “fondling her breasts. She is seen “petting her guest’s crotch.”

Boebert has since apologized claiming she “fell short of her values.”

Query: If it was a female Democrat Representative, what if anything would Boebert say? Probably bring down the House! I hope the Democrats show her more charity. Maybe she will learn to treat others better than she normally does.

Enjoy your Monday!

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