In the Citizens’ Voice today: “Have you been to the supermarket in Searstown recently? Notice anything different about the new paper bags? The bags are 3 inches smaller than the old paper bags. Does using more bags make you feel you are getting more groceries?”

I bought it! Thought I was!

My groceries are delivered. I shop at the other Publix. Per request, my regular delivery person uses plastic bags. I don’t want paper ones. She was out for 2 weeks. New person was unaware of my preference. Used paper bags. I could not believe how much more groceries my dollars were purchasing during those 2 weeks! I even mentioned it to the substitute delivery person.

Yes, I am gullible. No more so than most other Americans would be in this regard. Shame the con job the food industry has been perpetrating in this regard and others.

I fear saying it. However, I feel much better today. Could feel getting better yesterday.

Decided to keep a manicure appointment. Walking to the car still difficult. Walking period, difficult. Drove to Habana Plaza and was able to park directly in front of Lee Nails in Habana Plaza. As I was leaving, Sheila Cullens walked by. She was on her way to work at the Citizen which has offices in Habana Plaza. I had not seen Sheila in some time. It was good to run into her.

We are birds of a feather to some extent. I use a cane. Sheila now a walker.

Such is life!

The phone rang yesterday afternoon. It was Jean Thornton calling from Hawaii. She was inquiring about my health. What a friend!

She and Joe have been in Hawaii for 3 weeks. Return next week to Birmingham. Jean will be back in Key West on the 21st.

The Key West Library welcoming Spring with a Hindu celebration at 2 this afternoon. The celebration Holi, a Festival of Colors.

The Hindu festival marks the coming of the Spring season by spraying everyone with colorful powder or dumping water on them.

I subscribe to Weird and Outrageous. Recently received 2 comments from a Nancy Butler at PETA. The second one asking why I had not commented on the first. The issue/reasoning from my end sufficient that I thought the response would be more appropriated here for a number of reasons.

PETA is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. A noble organization. Members thoughtful persons caring for animals based on their beliefs.

The situation presents itself however reflecting we do not all think alike. I respond with respect to Butler’s position.

Butler’s message in effect was persons who consume white milk are white supremacists.

I don’t buy it.

I consume one gallon of white milk per week. Have been so doing my entire life. Before which I drank white milk from my mother’s breast. Does that make me a white supremacist? My mother? I enjoy a rare or medium rare steak. Does the fact that it is red and sometimes reflect the meat’s blood make me a communist?

The point I wish to make is that we sometimes carry things too far. A vegetarian I am not. I enjoy my milk and beef. I never gave Nancy’s issue any real thought. However in briefly reflecting this morning, I would say God meant for man to drink the mother’s milk and the cow’s milk and to eat the bodies of animals. No where in the Bible have I ever seen anything to the contrary or prohibitive.

To each his own.

Economic experts reported yesterday “employment is still strong and robust…..Monthly job growth remains robust.”

Three hundred eleven thousand jobs were added in February. Higher than the 225,000 jobs forecast, but less than January’s 504,000 positions.

Nevertheless, unemployment rate is at 3.6 percent, still near a multi-decade low.

Wages increased .02 percent from January, lower than expected. However on a year to year basis, higher by 4.6 percent.

I feel like I have made a discovery! One I wish to share.

I have been a yo-yo dieter since I was 35. Up and down. Never beat the weight problem.

My newest kick is eliminating sugar from my diet.

I am of Italian extraction. Italians enjoy bread. Bread bad is you are trying to control weight. Since I tried Dr. Atkin’s diet in the mid 1970’s to today, I have been on the eternal quest not for the Holy Grail, but for a low or no carb bread. Until this week, all discoveries tasted like crap. No other way to state it. I was not able to stay with them.

I searched Amazon for a low sugar bread. They had a number. I ordered HERO. Remember the name if you seek the same. It is a white bread, zero carbs, zero grams of sugar. Tasty, simply eaten or toasted. A winner!

I can’t wait for lunch today!

One problem. Expensive. Costs $25 for 2 loaves. I eat 4 slices a day normally. That is a 2 week supply.

Enjoy your day!

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