Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro fears a second Trump term. He sounded off on Trump: “Stop shit talking America!”

Canada fears a U.S. civil war. Canada has a “think tank” exploring the problem. One phrase in a  recent Canadian publication spelled out Canada’s concern: “U.S. ideological divisiveness, democratic erosion, and domestic unrest escalation, plunging the country into civil war…”

It is unsettling when your next door neighbor is getting nervous about the possibility of violence in your home.

Hunter Biden’s jury returned yesterday morning. He was found guilty of all 3 gun related charges. Felonies. The jury deliberated only 3 hours.

The prosecution was a “Republican too much” move. Hunter had agreed to plead guilty some time ago. However, Republicans did not think the agreement was enough. They could not get his father President Biden so they worked the system to get his son.

The Hunter prosecution is retribution type government that Trump has promised if he is elected. You don’t want it folks! It will eventually reach into your home and those of your neighbors.

The charges levied against Hunter were the making of a mountain out of a molehill.

Secretly recording conversations is generally wrong. Unless legally permitted. What I refer to here are personal discussions. Especially ones involving prominent people. Sometimes not wrong. Justified. Like those involving a Supreme Court Justice and his wife.

I refer to Alito and his wife.  They’ve joined the whackos. Their basic beliefs hard to understand. They have left normalcy.

Time for Alito and his companion Thomas to leave the Supreme Court. They are destructive to the well being of our country.

In a speech sunday, Trump denied calling dead U.S. soldiers “suckers” and “losers.” All of a sudden he refers to them as World War I dead. Not World War II Normandy dead.

He also claimed the “false statement came from the FACIST SCUM that is destroying our country.”

Trump lies and lies and lies some more. Even the Fascist claim! It is he and his followers who will bring Fascism to the U.S. should they win.

Trump says he will neuter Congress. How? By taking away its “spending power.” He, as President, will do the spending.

An example of how Trump intends to destroy the Constitution and three branches of government if he is elected.

He will spend your monies as he did his own. Do you want that type spendthrift signing the checks?

Do you want this type of destruction? Change? Trump spending your tax dollars? The havoc it will portend?

Two Citizens’ Comments this morning are right on.

One has to do with the $30 million suggestion to rebuild the 10 year old Amphitheater: “$30 million to rebuild a 10-year old amphitheater? Are you kidding me? Our streets and parks are like a war zone, bus service is horrible, street trees look like leftovers from a Home Depot sale and half the island floods! Get your priorities straight!”

There were 4 other negative comments re the $30 million rebuild.

The other comment involves the type of tourists visiting Key West: “I was shocked at the number of people I know who were called gay slurs during Pride. The trash this town is attracting is just disappointing. It’s a shame what our tourism has become.”

Thunderstorms yesterday. Big time! Will repeat today. I assume it is part of the storm moving off the Gulf into central Florida.

I think the rain is great! Cooled off the heat wave! We needed the break.

The weather report advises rain through saturday.

The I Love Stock Island Festival begins today. Runs through sunday. Have fun! Laughing, eating, drinking, etc.

Enjoy your day!

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