How does something like this happen? Why?

Harry Dunn and Aquilino Gonell were two law enforcement officers who defended the Capitol on January 6. Both have been decorated for their efforts on that day. They appeared by invitation before the Pennsylvania House of Representatives yesterday. The Democratic Speaker introduced them.

The two were jeered by a number of Republicans. Hissed and booed. Eight to ten Republicans walked out of the Chamber.

The hissing, etc. Republicans had to have been deaf and dumb to what happened on January 6. Even if not at the Capitol that day, TV covered the event thoroughly. It is impossible for them to not have been aware of what occurred.

Some of our politicians get sicker by the day. My concern is not everyone recognizes it.

Last Wednesday, the Senate voted on a bill that would guarantee the right to contraception. The bill required 60 votes to pass. Failed. The vote was 51-39, with 10 not voting. The bill was a Democratic one.

The vote a disgrace. Half the people in the Senate were so spineless they could not vote for something as simple as a right to contraception. Something which 90 percent of women have used at one point in their lives and which is considered basic preventable healthcare.

Only 2 Republicans voted for it. Both women, Republicans, especially MAGA ones, are tying contraception and abortion together.

Note that Justice Clarence Thomas in the Dobbs decision which overturned Roe v. Wade 2 years ago, wrote a concurring decision suggesting the Supreme Court “revisit” the landmark 1965 decision in Griswold v. Connecticut. Griswold granted married couples the right to birth control.

Thomas has to go!

The Republican Biden smear campaign is sick! Down and dirty! Lacking in truth!

There is a photo of Biden purportedly in the process of sitting down in Normandy. Within hours, the “photo” and alleged story behind it hit the press worldwide. MAGA whacks claimed Biden was “pooping.” No basis for the representation. In fact, it was soon reported that the photo was “deceptively edited footage.”

Childish politicking. Typical Trump and Republican game playing. Insults American politics.

Trump has been successful over the years in transferring most Republican politics to the gutter level.

Not the way the “political game” should be played. It makes the U.S. look like “shit” around the world.

Republicans pitch tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy in 2025. Trump has asked wealthy donors for donations, promising in return large tax breaks if he is returned to the White House.

Harry Truman’s father had a haberdashery business that failed during a recession. Truman responded to the Republican reference: “My father was not a failure. After all, he was the father of a President of the United States.”

Which is cooler in summer? Cotton or linen? Three textile scientists said linen.

Dornoch left the starting gate with 17-1 odds yesterday in the Belmont Stakes. He won.

The Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes were all won this year by horses with long odds.

The Belmont this year was run at Saratoga Springs. The Belmont Stakes track is under renovation.

Saratoga had to be exciting yesterday. Saratoga is exciting every racing day. It is the nature of the town and those that enjoy its August racing month.

I spent much of August for many years in Saratoga. Not so much to watch the races. I would only see 3-4 each day. My reason for loving Saratoga was the partying. The best!

I did see two Belmont races. A client had a box at the finish line and I was his guest two consecutive seasons back when.

One thing to be noted is the beauty of a racing horse. Magnificent! Hard to believe unless you see one up close.

Key West’s Pride Week Parade today at 5. One end of Duval to the other. The very large Pride flag will be carried the route. Duval will be full of spectators. One of Key West’s best parades.

I had an interesting experience Friday. Time for physiotherapy follow up to my heart surgeries. Select Physical Therapy was recommended. I went with Dr. Norris’  printed order to receive “cardiac rehab in patient status post pacemaker and TAVR aortic valve.”

The Select people were very kind. I was informed they do not do cardiac rehab nor does anyone in Key West. Back to Norris who was back to Select. Worked out. They will not be giving me cardiac rehab. However will provide some form of rehab. I start tomorrow at 9.

One of the problems with living in Key West. Key West too small to have certain levels of medical care. Like the aortic valve replacement Mount Sinai provided me in Miami. Sounds like cardiac rehab a similar problem. I would not be in the mood to travel to Miami or some other number of significant miles for rehab care several times a week.

Key West requires us to make choices. I understand.

Enjoy your Monday!

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