Headline in this morning’s Keys Citizen: “County To Oppose Court Merger.” I hope it is not too little too late. Tallahassee has a habit of treating the Keys like a forgotten relative. Even worse, a second class citizen. The Keys cannot permit it to happen again. A “court system” is integral and necessary to the effective running of an area’s business. Courts are not just for criminal matters. A ton of business goes through the system affecting local businesses.

Fight to keep what you have! Lose it and it will be gone forever!

Hurricanes cannot be more fickle than Lee. When first reported, it looked like it was going to hit eastern U.S. Then it changed course and shot north up the Atlantic. Far from shore. It was thought at the time that Lee would avoid the U.S. altogether. Now, maybe it will affect Maine. Even make landfall.

Maine’s Governor Janet Mills has already declared a State of Emergency. Before Lee even causes a problem. And, Presidnet Biden approved a preemptive Emergency Declaration also. They are preparing to deal with the problem before it even strikes. Excellent judgment on both their parts.

The UAW auto strike is underway. Good or bad move? Time will tell. If prolonged, it will definitely affect the U.S. economy.

Additional Hunter Biden charges appear valid. Though repetitive. A Republican lets get him action more than anything else. Also, lets embarrass his Dad. Nevertheless, Hunter is technically guilty of all.

What is good for the goose, is good for the gander. What about Jared Kushner walking away with $2 billion from Saudi Arabia 6 months after leaving the White House? A Saudi Arabia investment in a fledging Kushner private equity firm. A questionable investment by the Saudis. Objections were even raised by the fund’s advisers about the merits of the deal.

Where did the $2 billion ultimately go? Did Donald receive any portion of it? Trump’s history indicates he would want a piece of the pie. Something Jack Smith hopefully has been quietly investigating.

Who will right Senator Tommy Tuberville? Who will set him on a proper course? The man is playing games with our military security. Time for Republican leaders to act. Forget the bullshit that nothing can be done. There is always a way.

I loved Meryl Streep and cast in the two previous Mamma Mia! films. Streep and the singing! Even more, Greece where the movies were filmed. A move is underway to do a third Mamma Mia! film. It is reported Streep and the cast are agreeable.

After centuries of female discrimination, present Synod meetings in Rome could lead to a change in the issues of women being ordained as deacons or priests. The matter is reported to be under serious consideration.

I may have made a mistake in praising Mitt Romney the other day. The day after he announced he was not going to run for reelection, he issued a  statement that neither  Biden nor Trump should run for President. Reason: Age. Romney’s argument that younger blood is needed.

The age argument is a valid one. However, not necessarily to total exclusion. Experience is to be taken into account. Biden unquestionably experienced by his years in public office and the outstanding job he has done so far as President. He deserves reelection.

Trump was an example of “learning on the job.” I for one do not want a repetition of his 4 years.

Enjoy your day!

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