Key West is into its Pride Week celebration. Began yesterday. Runs through sunday June 11.

Oh, so many events. Too many to list. Two I will mention, however. Not to be missed.

Saturday and sunday is the Pride Street Fair on Duval. The 700-900 blocks. The other probably the finest Pride event in the United States. The Pride Parade. Sunday at 5.

More medical testing yesterday. Finished up early at the hospital. Early only because I began early. I was ready to go at 7:30.

The heart doctor said ok to remove the heart monitor. I was delighted. A pain to deal with. Instead of two weeks, was finished with it in 4 days. The doctor got the necessary information in the shorter time.

I was free! Tests not over, however. Two more pending. A nuclear stress test on 6/20 and an endoscopy on 6/28. Hopefully the end end!

I have learned the Key West hospital is not equipped machinery and staff wise to handle some of the tests. Proof is my nuclear stress test is scheduled for 6:30 in the morning. Glad to have even got it regardless of the time. I had to wait 3 weeks to get it scheduled and then 3 weeks after it was scheduled to have it performed.

It was early yesterday morning  when my med work, including the heart monitor, concluded for for a while. Decided to treat myself. Began with an early breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s.

I have not had pancakes in years. Saw the waitress bring an order to a table. Looked good! Ordered pancakes for myself. Absolutely delicious! Light! I will be having them again.

Spent the day laying around watching TV, reading, and napping.

Decided to go out to dinner. Might as well finish the day on a high.

It was Brady’s. Another winner food wise. I had the lasagna special. Recall I have said for some time Harpoon Harry’s has the best lasagna. It just moved to second place. Brady’s was even better. I did not think it possible. Even the salad with it. Fresh everything. Watched a couple of tennis matches. Could not have been a better evening.

There’s a law in California that women can’t drive in housecoats. Reminds me of an occurrence years ago involving my then wife.

She drove our children to school mornings. On the way home, she ran a light. Two cops stopped her.

They brought her home. She was only wearing her night gown.

We all laughed, except for my wife. Embarrassed and pissed off. No ticket, of course.

A two year drone study re great white sharks revealed great whites lurk near swimmers 97 percent of the time. Fortunately, the study also revealed the sharks moved around or completely ignored the swimmers.

Surprising news! France always thought to produce the best wines. Then Portugal received some attention. In recent years, California.

All three no longer numero uno. The prestigious Decanter World Wine Awards for 2023 went to Australia. Ten Australian wines were named Best in Show.

On June 20, McDonald’s is coming out with a new burger. Actually not new. Reincarnated. A burger it stopped making in the 1990’s. A Grimace cheeseburger.

The news brought to mind something I have written about on and off over the years. Time again.

“Wood pulp” is in certain foods. An ingredient in McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, and other fast food chain items.

The wood pulp is cellulose. Cellulose is a dietary fiber. It has no nutritional value.

The small amount is not harmful. Purportedly adds bulk and smoothness to whatever it becomes a part of. Some consider it healthy since it does not contribute to cholesterol as the hamburger meat itself does.

I have always thought, though I cannot prove it, that the wood pulp is added as a cost saving. I assume it is cheaper than beef.

Bess Levin yesterday published another interesting article in Vanity Fair. Humor in the title: Clarence Thomas Asked For An Extension On His Financial Disclosures, Which Probably Means Harlan Crow Bought Him An Island.

She followed the title with the opening line: “Or maybe it was the Hope Diamond.”

Enjoy your day!

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