Key West and gayness. It ain’t what it used to be!

An article re Key West and gayness appeared in the 9/17 publication of Queerty…..Get Into The Groove: Key West Reigns Supreme. In Carefree Gayness.

First time I came across the publication Queerty. Founded in 2005. The site now has more than 5 million monthly visitors.

The article suggests Key West still the optimum Florida gay community. Something I have disagreed with for years and written there so. Thirty years ago when I began frequenting Key West, it was “pure gayness.” The certainty of change has overcome it. As has the expense of living and playing here. The gays have moved north in droves to Miami and Fort Lauderdale where the living, etc. is significantly cheaper.

Key West is still gay. However, nowhere to the extent it once was.

The Citizens’ Voice: “I went into the women’s rest room in Bayview Park. There was a naked man in there. I left and went into the men’s rest room. There was a homeless guy sleeping next to it. Our parks are unsafe and not taken care of, but our Commissioners think they’re awesome.”

Another Citizens’ Voice: “The Monroe County BOCC should be cutting the TDC budget, and not increasing it. We do not need more tourists. Enough is enough.”

The COVID of 1899…..Yellow fever.

On this day in 1899, there were 15 new cases of yellow fever in Key West, bringing the total  in the outbreak to 340. Deaths 21 from the disease, which many thought an unusually small number.

Because of the perceived low mortality, many in Key West began to doubt the affliction was truly yellow fever. Several fights occurred among Key West resident’s, the result of disputes over the genuineness of the disease.

Nothing changes!

Florida Python challenge update. One thousand participants caught a total of 209 pythons. Big deal! A waste of time and money.

The U.S. News & World Report released the results of its annual college rankings. For the 13th consecutive year, Princeton ranked #1.

Five Americans who have been Iranian prisoners for years were freed this morning. They are at the moment on a plane home.

Good job finally getting them free!

Enjoy your day!

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