I’m a new man! No question about it. The heart surgeries have reenergized me. Especially the aortic valve replacement.

My cane is no more. For 3 years I totally depended on it. Do no need it any longer.

I had to stop grocery shopping. Even with the cane, I could only walk one way down one aisle at Publix. My groceries have been delivered for 3 years. Went to Publix to shop sunday. Did the whole store. Every aisle. No cane. No pain. No tiredness.

I am walking a bit outside. Slowly. No big deal. About 6 short blocks a day. Also doing some in house exercises.

My major remaining problem at the moment are teeth. Lost my uppers in the ambulance as you recall. My dentist on vacation the whole month of March. Will begin work on me next week. I am not going out socially as yet. Embarrassed to be without teeth. Look a bit screwy and speak a bit funny.

I have been slow in getting back to doing the blog on a daily basis. Research and writing takes between 5-6 hours every morning. Not up to it yet. Ergo, today’s blog will be short. May not do another for a few days. Miss doing it on a daily basis. However I am taking everything a step at a time.

The Baltimore bridge that went down during the night a tragedy. The Francis Scott Key Bridge is 1.5 miles long. A Shanghai boat hit one of the abutments and brought the whole bridge down.

I was involved in a bridge collapse many years ago on the New York State Thruway. Nowhere as large as the Baltimore one. Everyone died. The cars went down into the water and were rapidly washed downstream.

Obviously there has to have been a maintenance problem with the bridge. Whoever owned it and whoever was responsible for maintenance will be part of the lawsuit for a new bridge and to pay damages for those killed or injured in the bridge’s collapse.

The court system has been unfair to the American people when it comes to its treatment of Donald Trump. Trump gets all kinds of benefits and accommodations by the courts. Ordinary citizens would not and do not. A perfect example is Trump getting off the hook re having to post the $500 plus million dollar bond or its equivalent. A court let him off for $175 million. Not fair. Not representative of equal justice for all. The individual who might have a mere $20,000 judgment could not get such consideration. Consideration being a reduction of the statutory bond amount or whatever. Twenty thousand dollars to Joe Citizen is as onerous and difficult to come up with as what Trump was required initially to post.

I have also spent a few days sitting at Higgs Beach. The sun is comfortable. The view outstanding. The sand, trees, water, and bikini clad ladies. I am glad I still enjoy looking even though 88 years of age.

Enjoy your day!

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