Several months ago, Trump became very excited on his 5 o’clock virus report show. With enthusiasm, he told Americans that Clorox or bleach taken orally or by shot was an almost instantaneous cure for coronavirus. My memory recollects one minute.

A new 5 o’clock show with Trump starring alone began last Tuesday. Very poorly done by what was once a master showman. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank described it as The Five O’Clock Follies.

It too has become a joke. It only took 4 shows.

The past two days, America’s Frontier Doctors met in Washington. An off the wall group. Organized by the Right Wing Patriots. The Right Wing Patriots being a group of wealthy Republican donors.

Speeches were made on the steps of the Supreme Court. One of the speakers was Houston physician Stella Immanuel. A pediatrician. Her presentation videoed. Later went viral.

Immanuel is a right wing star.

Trump spoke of Immanuel at his 5 o’clock follies show. Trump recommended the video a “must watch.”

Immanuel way out. A snake oil charmer. If this was the old west, Trump would have purchased every bottle of snake oil Immanuel had available to sell.

Immanuel had much to say. Every word bordering on the insane. Trump moved by her.

Let me share Immanuel’s thoughts.

She praises hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus cure. With equal vigor, advises face masks are not necessary.

She believes sexual visitations by demons and alien DNA are the roots of America’s health concerns.

Gynecological problems like cysts and endometriosis are caused by people having sex with demons and witches.

She claims alien DNA is currently being used in medical treatments.

She believes scientists are cooking up a vaccine to prevent people from being religious.

The government is run in part not by humans but “reptilians” and other aliens.

“Nobody needs to get sick. This virus has a cure…..You don’t need a mask. There is a cure.”

The video ran on Facebook. Within a very short time, 13 million views. Twitter ran it also.

Both soon deleted the video citing rules prohibiting Covid-19 disinformation.

Immanuel responded to Facebook’s removing the video. She said Jesus would destroy Facebook’s servers if her videos were not returned.

Immanuel believes medical issues like endometriosis, cysts, infertility, and impotence are caused by witches and demons having sex with people in dreamland.

Blames demons for male impotence.

Continuing with sexuality, demonic spirits “turn into a woman and they sleep with the man and collect his sperm. Then they turn into the man, and they sleep with a man and deposit the sperm and reproduce more of themselves.”

Not making any of this up!

Immanuel says dream night might not be with a demon. Could be with a “human witch.” Called “astral sex.”

In a 2015 sermon, she claimed scientists had plans to install microchips in people and develop a “vaccine” to make it impossible for a person to become religious.

Witches are intent on gaining control of children.

She believes children’s books are part of a scheme to introduce children to spirits and witches. Children’s TV shows are a gateway to evil. Children are taught to meditate so they can “meet with demons.”

She has thoughts re the American government, also.

Claims the American government is run in part by non-human reptilians “not even human…..half human, half ET.”

She is anti-gay marriage. She says the next step is “people are going to be seeking to marry kids.”

Advocates corporal punishment for children: “Kids need to be whipped.”

Immanuel sought a meeting with Trump. Late monday, she tweeted Trump and advised she was open to meeting with him.

Trump picks strange people to take advice from, be impressed by. Even more amazing, he appeared to speak more highly of Immanuel than Fauci.

I was interested as to how much money Russ Limbaugh makes. The man yells out all kinds of negative things. Nevertheless, he has a significant following to his radio show.

Discovered Limbaugh is one the highest paid radio figures. Forbes listed his most recent yearly earnings at $84.5 million.

The highest paid radio personality is Howard Stern at $90 million.

My curiosity reached to Sean Hannity. His annual salary $40 million.

Spewing poison and misinformation pays well!

Tropical storms and hurricanes have been moving around for several weeks. Now comes one that may hit Key West.

At the moment, the storm is 350 miles east of Puerto Rico. Its intensity is expected to bring it to tropical storm level. It will then be named Isaias.

The cone’s center at the moment indicates it will come right over Key West. Means nothing at the moment. Could turn.

Isaias is expected to make landfall Saturday.

Enjoy your day!