Blacks are leaning against Biden. They have failed to learn that you do not bite the hand that feeds you.

I find it hard to understand. Put aside that Trump is anti-Black. He lies to the contrary and many Black voters buy it.

Biden in 3 1/2 years has already installed more non-White federal judges than any Presidnet in history. Also, more female. More than 6 in 10 Biden appointments are women.

Re the White appointments, Trump’s were 65 percent of those he appointed. Biden’s only 13 percent.

Number wise, Biden’s non-White appointments are 125, Trump’s were 37. Biden’s Whites 72, Trump’s 200.

The numbers speak for themselves. Black America should understand them.

Paul Pelosi’s attacker was sentenced to 30 years in jail. Well deserved!

A major unanswered question is why men’s shirts button on the right and women’s on the left.

No one knows for sure. Theories abound, however. Atlantic’s Megan Garber in 2015 described the buttoning as “a weird thing. The button differential is a relic of an old tradition that we have ported, rather unthinkingly, into the contemporary world.”

An old custom that has survived.

There are several theories. The one that has maintained the most credibility since the Middle Ages involves how middle and upper class European women used to dress. Their dresses were complicated and elaborate. More so than men’s attire.

Wealthy women were dressed by servants. Servants were primarily right handed. It was easier for them to  button up their mistresses if the buttons were on the opposite left side. So buttons began being sewed on the opposite side.

Why has the tradition carried into the modern era? No special reason. No one noticed or complained.

One other reason involved breast feeding. Mothers were more likely to hold their babies with their left hand, leaving the right hand free for blouse opening.

Bottom line, women’s buttons on the left side is an old design quirk which has become just another sartorial custom.

As for men, sword drawing was a consideration. Sword on the left. Right hand remained free to draw the sword.

A final consideration is that 90 percent of the people in the world are right handed. They have been so for hundreds of years.

Somebody made a mistake. Mistake in selecting the person to make a college commencement address.

Benedictine College is operated by nuns. The Sisters of Mount St. Scholastics. Harrison Butler was the commencement speaker.

His words totally contrary to the beliefs of the nuns and institution. He railed against LGBTQ + pride, women in the work force, and abortion access. He told the women graduating that they “have had the most diabolical lies told to you.” He added, “Homemaker is one of the most important titles of all.”

Harrison Butler is an American Football kicker. Plays with the Carolina Panthers. He is second in NFL history in career field goal percentages with 89.1.

How many Keys in Florida? Interesting question. Even I wanted to know.

The Florida Keys are made up of over 1700 small islands. Eight hundred are referred to as Keys. Forty three are connected by bridges.

The question arises as to what defines a Key as opposed to an island?

The answer: Keys do not generally have fresh water. Islands do. Also significantly, a key is a small, low-lying coral island. Like all coral islands, Keys are remnants of ancient coral reefs. Many of the Keys are still ringed by healthy reef ecosystems. Over time, the top of the coral reef is exposed to the surface.

The Preakness was won by Seize The Grey whose odds were 12-1. Kentucky Derby Winner Mystik Dan was favored, however finished second.

Seize the Grey is trained by D. Wayne Lucas. I view his victory with a hope springs eternal adage following his name. He is 88 years old. Is anything left for me?

Harvard has done what many other universities have not. They have taken the step of punishing some of those students involved in the protests by preventing 12 of them from graduating at Commencement.

In addition to the 12, 5 other students were suspended, 20 placed on probation.

I have been severely criticized by some for being opposed to the student protests. It is they that criticize me that are wrong.

They appear to be adults who see an intelligence level in the students qualifying them to not only verbally protest, but to disrupt classes, pitch tents, take over buildings, be anti-Semitic, etc. They view the students as “brilliant.”

I cannot recall any adult commenting about non-students and Chinese motivating the students and the students buying what they were selling.

My belief is is that if the students were so smart, why did they let others use them. Did they know? If not, even worse.

Trump had trouble with the podium in St. Paul friday night. He leaned on it too hard and it tilted. He did, also. Called the workers who put up the stage “crappy.”

He acted in a very humorous fashion. Even I laughed. Not at him, with him.

Trump was an excellent comedian at the moment. Unfortunately for him, America is not looking for a comedian. It is looking for a leader.

I was viewing some photos of old Key West. One was taken around 1952. A photo of the “new” Dairy Queen on United Street.

Still the same!

An example of women being discriminated against in Key West. On this day in 1906, Key West Police Justice George G. Brooks fixed things for women in this respect.

A Key West ordinance outlawed women from entering barrooms or buying liquor. The Justice declared the ordinance unconstitutional.

The Southernmost Point Monument was dedicated September 10, 1983. Basically looks the same today as when dedicated.

Whoever thought it would become as popular as it has.

I close with Jimmy Buffett.

I came across a note written by Jimmy Buffett on October 22, 1989. The body handprinted. His signature handwritten.

In it he thanked Key West for its AIR CONDITIONED library. Spelled out the time he spent reading about old Key West. He complimented the quality and spread of reading materials. However pointed out it was the air conditioning that drew him to the library.

Enjoy your day!

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