I am 87. I have had more medical physicals than most persons. Yesterday’s was the best.

Dr. John Norris has been my primary care physician for several years. He recently changed the nature of his practice to a concierge one. Concierge means additional attention. For an added cost, of course.

I joined his concierge practice a couple of months ago.

Dr. Norris resolved my ankle problems which had plagued me and which I complained about to you for several weeks. His service and attention was above and beyond at the time.

Yesterday was my first full physical in the concierge practice. The best of the best. The most extensive. I left feeling confident with his examination and findings. So much so, I felt compelled this morning to tell you about it.

If you are interested in visiting with the good Doctor, his concierge offices are located at 1010 Kennedy Drive, Suite 402. Telephone 305-998-4205.

Off Key West and near the Dry Tortugas, an underwater discovery: A 19th century hospital and cemetery found on a submerged island.

The hospital served as a 19th century quarantine and cemetery for yellow fever patients between 1890 and 1900.

The cemetery was known as the Fort Jefferson Post Cemetery.

Those buried in the Cemetery were military men serving and military persons improsoned at the Fort. The Fort began as a military prison during the Civil War.

A developing trend involves the monday work place. Labeled “bare minimum mondays.” Employees encourage themselves to do less than normal work. Just enough to get by. The employee is motivated by self rather than company tasks to be performed. First day back to work in the new week. Don’t get tired.

A TikTok trend.

Created by young people based on a concern for their mental well being.

From my perspective, a great way to get fired.

The Texas shooter/killer who exterminated 5 persons was found yesterday hiding in a closet under a pile of dirty laundry. The closet was in a home less than 20 miles from the scene of his crime.

The accused is Francesco Oropess. He is guaranteed to get the maximum penalty under Texas law. Unless an insanity plea saves his ass. You never know.

More men are getting perms. Short for permanents. The modern American male is into it.

The preferred style is “soft.”

A man was stabbed in the shadow of the Key West Airport around 7 last night. The incident occurred at the Pines Park on South Roosevelt Boulevard, adjacent to the Airport.

No further details available at this time.

Sargassum, the seaweed mess, has hit record breaking size on its way to Florida. Now 5,000 miles long.

The Keys have already been hit with advance surges. The worst is yet to come. When the big mass arrives, Key West beaches will be absolutely deplorable. Stink, dirty, expensive to clean.

Enjoy your day!

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