My day yesterday began and ended early.

Physiotherapy at 7. Woke at 4 and could not get back to sleep. Physio unusually hard. Left me tired.

Hurried to Date & Thyme for a Monkey Smoothie. Enjoyed!

Then home. It was only 8:30. I laid down and fell asleep till near noon.  Spent the rest of the day reading and writing. A movie on TV here and there.

Not complaining. The day just bit different.

An annual Key West event is the Key Lime Pie Drop. It was held saturday at its usual place, the Key West Lighthouse. A 5 inch diameter pie is dropped from the top of the Lighthouse. It must end on the ground without exploding.

No easy task.

Winners of the Most Entertaining Entry were 12 year old Emma Bradshaw and 13 year old Cielo Hackler. Their entry exhibited ingenuity. They used a large stuffed bear, chicken wire, bubble wrap and zip ties. And the pie, of course!

True Lies was a very funny 1994 movie. Technically described as an action comedy. Starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Arnold.

I have seen the film several times and found it hilarious each time. If you have not, search for it and watch it!

It was previewed this day in 1994 in Key West at the Cobb Theaters in the Searstown Shopping Center. Although the movie was filmed in several different locations, a portion was filmed in the Keys. The best part including the Seven Mile Bridge.

The film had a “first.” It was the first movie that cost over $100 million to produce. A winner, however. Brought in over $300 million at the box office.

This day in 1943 a significant one in World War II history. The Allies launched Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily.

Today the birthday of two great actors. Tom Hanks is 68. Kelly McGillis 67.

Kelly McGillis was and still is well connected to Key West. Lived in Key West many years while making films. She and her husband Fred Tillman were neighbors. Lived in Key Haven as I did. Kelly and Fred also owned several restaurants. The famous Kelly’s and The Grand which I tend to favor these days.

Two of Kelly’s biggest film hits were Top Gun and The Witness.

Even though Kelly is now a Pennsylvania resident, her ties to Key West continue with the International Women’s Flag Football Association and Womenfest.

Hurricane Beryl still making history.

Beryl hit Texas. Reduced from a Category 5 to a Category 1. Nevertheless, still powerful and damaging. Texas has already experienced several dead and 2.7 million customers  were without power in the Houston area.

Beryl’s projected path has it bending northeast and reaching Lake Erie in the northeastern U.S.

Enjoy your day!

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